Ludwig in Scribblenauts Unlimited


Person, Brother


Follows family, plays a piano and show the musical emotion.


Brother Ludwig

Available in

Scribblenauts Unlimited, Scribblenauts Unmasked

Ludwig is one of Maxwell's brothers that you will meet in the game. He can be found in Palindromeda.


Ludwig's rooster helmet resembles to old fashion peruke. He does not wear a rooster hat like all the other siblings. He wears neon blue clothing reminiscent of the Baroque/Rococo periods.

How to unlock

Ludwig needs to find a way how to communicate with an alien family on Palindromeda. Because of his name and appearance, the player can easily guess that this can be done via a musical instrument. Maxwell can create a Piano, a Guitar, Flute, or any other instrument.


  • Ludwig is a reference to Ludwig van Beethoven, a famous composer who was deaf, whom is also an available easter egg in-game.
  • His appearance is based-off Early Classical and Late Baroque Composers, notably Mozart and Haydn.
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