Maxwell's Notebook
Maxwell's Notebook




Brings out random objects with its random adjectives when in possession and used



Available in

Super Scribblenauts

A green book with a starite picture in it.

Known Behaviour

One of many easter eggs in Super Scribblenauts. When in possession and used by any person including Maxwell, the notebook will bring out random objects with its random adjectives. This is a good way to learn about useful or intersting words and adjectives. Disappointingly, the Notebook rarely uses adjectives or words that can aid the player in any way.


  • When used by the player, the player receives the merit Forbidden Fruit, which the players get 250 Ollars. Its description of the merit is Use Maxwells Notebook and picture is an eaten apple.
  • It should be noted that this item is not to be confused with maxwell's actual notebook, since that is the notebook that the player uses, and is only seen in the art, not in actual gameplay.
  • Maxwell's Notebook is in possession of his clone.
  • The sprite of Maxwell's Notebook has a few different characteristics than the feature of the notebook.
  • Due to the unreliable nature of this notebook, and because of the fact that is held by his clone, it can be assumed that this notebook is used by the clone to rival Maxwell or in an attempt to be more like him, but it doesn't work as well.
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