The main character/protagonist,Maxwell has small black eyes and has a smile always on his face. He wears headphones, and is known for the strange red hat he wears (known by fans as the " Rooster helmet "), and a blue hoodie with a star on it,also red socks. Maxwell can also be seen wearing a watch. His job is to find the Starites in each level. He was trained to become a Scribblenaut by a man at the university (Known as the Professor) and now he begins his quest to become a master Scribblenaut.


If you type in  Scribblenaut it will come up as an early design of him. This is what Maxwell is attempting to become. After helping getting all the Starites in the lands, he will become a master Scribblenaut.

Also, if you write Me, Maxwell, Doppelganger, Dark Maxwell, Evil Maxwell, Nemesis, Clone or Shadow a colour changed version of Maxwell appears, and most human characters are afraid of your "Evil Twin". He will steal your held item if you get too close.

For some reason,maxwell and the clone is the one of the only humanoid characters with a mouth.

also by collecting a starite in each level (220 in total) and become a true scribblenaut.The starite is some kind of object needed to become a true scribblenaut.You must know how to spell!

Maxwell has no real talent for running or jumping (mostly jumping).Maxwell can display human emotions such as happy or mad. Maxwell enjoys carnival games like whack-a-mole and dunk tank, Maxwell likes catching criminals, and listening to music. Maxwell has no visable ears, hair, or nose.

Maxwell is really cool too :)

secret: to use the same items in levels to get a gold star: make spaces in between letters. example: to write pegasus, type pe gasus. roc would ro c. jet pack: j et pack. n inja st ar. sh ovel. to make the third one, make different patterns such as shovel, instead of sh ovel, you can write sho vel.

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