Merits are achievements earned by completing levels under certain conditions. There are 76 Merits in all.Merits.png


Merits here are listed in the order they appear in on the Merits screen under the Options menu.

Image Name Description Explanation
Fifth Cell Merit.png 5th Cell Spawn a 5th Cell Developer. Spawn any people in this category .
All New Merit.png All New Complete a level with objects you've never used before. Spawn anything unused in levels. Once spawned in action or puzzle levels are considered used.
Architect Merit.png Architect Write 2 buildings. Spawn buildings such as house, apartment.

Arr! Merit.png

ARRRRRRR Attach the Jolly Roger to a flagpole. Connect the Jolly Roger flag to the flagpole by any connecting items such as glue.
Audiophile Merit.png Audiophile Write 2 or more instruments or audio objects. Spawn instruments such as piano, guitar.

Whisperer Merit.png

Whisperer Ride a hostile animal. Use weapons that can make animals sleep on a hostile animal, like cupid.
Bioterrorist Merit.png Bioterrorist Introduce the plague and infect 2 or more people. Drop the plague (like poison) on two people.
Botanist Merit.png Botanist Write 2 or more plants. Spawn plants such as daffodil, lily.
Chauffeur Merit.png Chauffeur Drive a vehicle with more then one passenger. Spawn passenger vehicles (which can carry more than one passenger); such as bus. Insert two people/one person and Maxwell into the vehicle.
Chef Merit.png Chef Write 2 or more foods. Spawn foods such as steak, cheese.
Closet Merit.png Closet Write 2 or more clothes. Spawn clothes such as pants, shirt.
Combo Merit.png Combo Combine any two objects together. Connect two objects with any connecting items; such as glue.
Cupid Merit.png Cupid Shoot a humanoid with Cupid's arrow. Shoot using Cupid's arrow or Cupid's bow on a humanoid.
Shoveler Merit.png Shoveler Write 2 or more digging tool objects.

Spawn digging tools such as shovel, pickaxe.

Sea Two Merit.png Sea Two Write 2 or more sea vehicles. (boat, destroyer) Spawn sea vehicles such as boat, destroyer.
Knight Merit.png Knight School Slay a dragon with a melee weapon. Use melee weapons such as sword to slay a dragon. The best way to obtain this merit would be to write a dragon then attacking it with a flaming sword. You can also use projectile weapons for weakening the dragon before death.
Electrolysis Merit.png Electrolysis Shock someone with electricity. Attach a battery to a man using a wire.
Elemental Write more than 1 element. Spawn elements such as fire, water.
Entertainer Write 2 or more entertainment objects. Spawn entertainment objects such as video game, computer
Entomologist Write 2 or more insects.(bug, bee, insect) Spawn insects such as bee, bug
Environmentalist Write 2 or more environmental objects. Write objects such as cloud or hurricane.
Explosive Write 2 or more explosive devices.(bomb, tnt) Spawn explosive devices such as bomb, TNT
Exterminator Two or more humanoids or animals start a level, and are destroyed. Start in A1-9 and kill all creatures.
Fantasynovel Write 2 fantasy objects. Spawn fantasy objects such as ghoul, vampire
Fashion Designer Cloth Maxwell's head, body, legs, feet and give him an accessory. Spawn things like a cap or slacks and place them on Maxwell
Firefighter Put out at least 2 fires.(use water on them) Get a hose (water) and put near the fire. The hose may be destroyed, though.
Genius Complete a level twice in a row. Just do a level you've done already 3 times
Glutton Feed someone or something 3 times in a row. Give three foods to a creature such as three apples
Gold Digger Write 3 or more precious stones. Write words such as gold, silver
Grab And Go Write 2 or more grabbing tool objects. (Tongs + Tweezers) Spawn thongs and tweezers
Haxxor Write 5 or more developers. Spawn 5th Cell members such as Marius, Matt Cox, Jeremiah, Joe, Liz, Jeff
Healer Write 2 or more medical objects.(pill, medicine)
Herpetologist Write 2 or more Reptiles.(lizard, gecko)
Infected Write a Zombie, and have it infect 2 humanoids.
Decorator Write 2 furniture objects.(sofa, table)
Janitor Write 2 or more cleaning tool objects.(mop,broom)
Jockey Use an animal as a vehicle.( ride a horse)
Joust Defeat a Knight while Maxwell is mounted.(ride a horse)
Luddite Short out 3 or more objects. (Drop 3 jetpacks into water.)
Lumberjack Cut down 3 or more trees in a level.(use an axe)
Madhatter Place a hat on four or more humanoids or animals
Magician Use the magic wand to turn something into a toad. Spawn a wand and shoot it on a humanoid
Marine Biologist Write 2 or more fish.(guppy, blowfish)
Mechanic Jump start a vehicle. ????
Messiah Turn a humanoid into a deity. Give an ambrosia to a humanoid
Militant Use 2 weapons and 1 weaponized vehicle.(gun, smg, tank)
Miner 49er Digging a massive hole. Use a shovel to dig a hole
Miser Reach 300,000 Ollars total. Save your ollars until you reach Ø 300,000.
New Object Write a completely new item! Spawn anything unused in levels. Once spawned in action or puzzle levels are considered used.
Novice Angler Catch a fish with a fishing pole Use a fishing pole and pull a fish anywhere
No Weapons Don't write a weapon to complete the level. Dismiss the use of weapons in levels.
Old School Write 2 or more classic videogame objects. (Button + Air Vent)
Organ Donor Write 2 or more organs. Spawn organs such as heart, liver
Ornithologist Write 2 or more birds.(bird, robin)
Paleontologist Write 2 or more dinosaurs.(trex, pterodactyl)
Pariah Make 3 humanoids or animals flee. Spawn a ghoul to scare humanoids or animals
Pi Earn 314 Style points in a level. Since style points are awarded at 5 point increments, this merit is unobtainable.
Picasso Write 2 or more drawing tool objects.(paint brush, canvas)
Pilot Write 2 or more air vehicles.(jet, plane)
Prodigy Complete a level 3 times in a row.
Pyromaniac Set at least 4 objects on fire in a level.
Reanimator Bring a corpse back to life. (Corpse + Lightning Storm)
Roped In Write 2 or more rope objects. Write objects such as rope or vine.
Russian Doll Place an object, inside an object, then inside an object. Spawn 3 fillable objects such as a box in a box in a box
Savior Two or more humanoids or animals start and finish a level alive. Beat the first puzzle level without killing anyone.
Series of Tubes Go here: Spawn five tubes.
Smasher Write 2 or more melee weapons. Spawn melee weapons such as sword, excalibur
Smuggler Hide a weapon in a container. Hide a weapon such as a gun in a container
Split Personality Write 2 or more cutting or splitting tool objects. Write wire cutters and scissors.
Stealth Destroy a security camera. Use any projectile or melee weapon to destroy the security camera
Sweet Tooth Write 2 or more junk foods. Spawn junk foods such as cake, candy
Tooling Around Write 2 or more tool objects. Spawn tools such as wrench, hammer
Washington Chop down a cherry tree. Use an axe to chop a cherry tree
Water Jockey Use a sea animal as a vehicle. Ride a sea animal such as a whale
Humanitarian Write 2 or more humans. Spawn humanoids such as man, woman.
Zookeeper Write 2 or more animals. Spawn animals such as horse, pig.


  • The Pi merit is an impossible merit to obtain. Pi is a reference of a mathematical constant which equals 3.14159... in the usual decimal positional notation.
  • There were multiple merits not shown in game, which are shown here.

Super Scribblenauts

In Super Scribblenauts merits are different. You can only recieve them once. Here are all the merits.

Image Name Description Explanation
Starite Apprentice Catch 10 Starites Complete 10 levels
Starite Master Catch 60 Starites Complete 60 levels
Starite King Catch 121 Starites Complete all levels
Daily Horoscope.png Connect the Dots Complete any constellation Complete all levels in a constellation
Replay Complete a level in advanced mode Complete a level in advanced mode
Full Replay.png Full Replay Complete all levels in advanced mode Complete all levels in advanced mode
English Eagle.png English Eagle Create 10 unique objects Create up to 10 new objects
Letter Lieutenant Create 25 unique objects Create up to 25 new objects
Syllable Savant Create 50 unique objects Create up to 50 new objects
Language Lion Create 100 unique objects Create up to 100 new objects
Grammer General.png Grammer General Create 250 unique objects Create up to 250 new objects
Word Warrior Create 300 unique objects Create up to 300 new objects
Brand New Pencil.png Brand New Pencil Use 10 unique adjectives Create up to 10 new adjectives
Sharpened Pencil Use 25 unique adjectives Create up to 25 new adjectives
Well Used Pencil Use 50 unique adjectives Create up to 50 new adjectives
Worn Down Pencil Use 100 unique adjectives Create up to 100 new adjectives
Cracked Pencil.png Cracked Pencil Use 200 unique adjectives Create up to 200 new adjectives
Broken Pencil.png Broken Pencil Use 300 unique adjectives Create up to 300 new adjectives
Rad Recombiner Apply three adjectives to an object Spawn an object with three adjectives
Master Morpher Apply five adjectives to an object Spawn an object with five adjectives
Mega Mutator Apply eight adjectives to an object Spawn an object with eight adjectives
It's Alive!.png It's Alive!

Grant life to an inanimate object

Spawn Lightning over Corpse
Piggy Bank Hold 1,000 Ollars in your bank Save your ollars until you reach Ø 1,000
Nice Wallet Hold 5,000 Ollars in your bank Save your ollars until you reach Ø 5,000
Money Vault Hold 10,000 Ollars in your bank Save your ollars until you reach Ø 10,000
Welcome Mat Set a custom level as your playground Set a custom level as your playground
Home Grown.png Home Grown Complete a custom level Complete a custom level
Maxwell in Disguise Play as a different avatar Play as a different avatar
Window Shopper Purchase 10 avatars Purchase 10 avatars
Dedicated Collector.png Dedicated Collector Purchase 25 avatars Purchase 25 avatars
Avatar Maniac.png Avatar Maniac Purchase all avatars Purchase all avatars
Suit Up Fully equip Maxwell Put on a shirt, gloves, hat, leggings, shoes an d any holdable item
You Can Fly Equip any flying gear or mount Spawn objects such as wings
Cthulu Fhtagn.png Cthulu Fhtagn Create a mythos monster Spawn a creature such as Cthulu.
Fatality!.png Fatality! Destroy the world Spawn objects such as nuke
Clever Creation.png Clever Creation Attach any three objects together Attach any three objects together
Creative Concoction.png Creative Concoction Attach any six objects together Attach any six objects together
Colossal Contraption.png Colossal Contraption Attach any ten objects together Attach any ten objects together
Over Budget Completly fill the budget meter Completly fill the budget meter
Skin of Your Team Catch a Starite while Maxwell is being defeated On level 1-6, spawn a natural disaster that will make you lose a typical level such as Flood.
Micronized Create the smallest possible object Create a Molecular virus
Ginormous.png Ginormous Create the largest possible object Create a Colossal Building
Lion Tamer Ride a creature that's normally hostile
History Lesson.png History Lesson Use the Time Machine
Teleported Use the Teleporter
Break Time.png Break Time Use the Arcade Machine
Behind The Scenes.png Behind the Scenes Create three 5th Cell developers Spawn 5th Cell members such as Marius, Matt Cox, Jeremiah
Forbidden Fruit.png Forbidden Fruit Use Maxwell's Notebook Spawn and use Maxwell's Notebook
Russian Doll Place an object inside an object inside an object Spawn 3 fillable objects such as a box in a box in a box
Kiss Me Turn a creature into a frog Spawn a Magic Wand and target a creature
Really Big Lizards Create 5 dinosaurs Spawn dinosaurs such as
Texture Artist Create 5 objects made out of altered materials
Daily horoscope.png Daily Horoscope Decorate the sky with 12 zodiac symbols Spawn all Zodiac symbols which are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces stars
Astronomer.png Astronomer Decorate the sky with every planet in the solar system Spawn all planets which are Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto
Easter Egg.png Easter Egg Create five hidden historical figures Spawn 5 of the following: Albert Einstein, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles Darwin, Napoleon, Ghenghis Khan and Alexander the Great, or Socrates.
Coloring Book.png Coloring Book Create 10 objects with altered colors
Hypnotized.png Hypnotized Hypnotize another character
Fantasy Fulfillment.png Fantasy Fulfillment Create 5 fantasy objects or use 5 fantasy adjectives Spawn
Looking Ahead Create 5 Science Fiction objects or use 5 Science Fiction adjectives Spawn
The Fourth Wall Apply the secret Super Scribblenauts adjective Spawn an object with the adjective Scribblenautic
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