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After collecting 8 Starites

Doors to

Hyphen Heights, Grave Manor, Majuscule Grotto,

Starite Template.png x 1

Stariteshard Template.png x 11


The Metaforest is one of the areas in the third set to be unlocked in Scribblenauts Unlimited. Maxwell's 3 brothers Jack, Serenity, and Patches can be encountered here. It was featured heavily in the demos of the game, being the only explorable area. The name is a portmanteau of metaphor and forest.

NPCs and objects Present: Trees, bug, rock, log, backpacker,wolf (male and female), child (male and female), planks, Apples, Journalist, Mycologist, Nest, Egg, Owl, Serenity, Jack, Patches.

Starite Shards


Problem: These bugs are endless! Help me keep them away!

Solutions: Give a bug spray to the backpacker.

Sleeping in the Elements!

Problem: This isn't a comfortable place to sleep! Create something better for the backpacker.

Solutions: Spawn a bed.

Truffle Hunter!

Problem: My nose isn't good enough to sniff out truffles alone!

Solutions: Spawn a pig.

Save the Owls!

This Starite Shard unlocks Serenity

Problem: Help stop Jack from cutting down this tree!

Solutions: Give a 'sleepy' adjective to Jack or place ninja to kill Jack.

Just Doing My Job!

This Starite Shard unlocks Jack

Problem: I'm just trying to pay my bills! Help me cut down this tree!

Solutions: Give an axe to Jack.

Patches' Kite!

This Starite Shard unlocks Patches

Problem: My kite is stuck in the tree! Help me get it down!

Solutions: Use a 'flying' adjective to Maxwell or a jetpack, get the kite and give it to Patches.

The Fixer Upper!

Problem: Help us finish our treehouse!

Solutions: Place a wood, or give a hammer to the boy or girl.

Photographic Evidence!

Problem: You must help a man document an encounter with the Sasquatch.

Solutions: Give the camera to the journalist.

Raised By Wolves!

Problem: If I could raise a human cub...

Solutions: Place a baby to the wolves.

Flowers Into Fruit!

Problem: Pollinate the Fruit Tree!

Solutions: Spawn a wasp or a bee.

Starite: The Merit Badge

Description: Help the Scout earn his Merit Badge!

Problem 1: First, Give him a tool to carve his log!


  • Give me a tool to carve this log.
  • Give me something sharp.
  • I can use a chisel to carve wood.

Solutions: Give a chisel or a saw to the boy.

Problem 2.1: Fire safety is next! Give the scout something to put the dummy out!


  • Give me something to put the dummy out.
  • Give me something wet.
  • I can put the fire out with a bottle of water.

Solutions: Give the water or extinguisher to the boy.

Problem 2.2: Now that the fire is out, give the scout something to fix the dummy's wounds.


  • Give me something to fix the dummy's wounds.
  • Give me medical supplies.
  • I can fix the dummy with a bandage.

Solutions: Give a bandage to the boy.

Problem 3.1: Time for target shooting! Start by giving the scout proper safety equipment.


  • Give me safety equipment.
  • I need to protect my eyes and ears.
  • Give me goggles.

Solutions: Give the goggles to the boy.

Problem 3.2: Now it's time for target practice! Give the scout a weapon to shoot the target!


  • Give me a weapon to shoot.
  • Give me a weapon that can shoot bullets.
  • I can use a pistol to shoot the target.

Solutions: Give a pistol or a bow to the boy.


  • This area has the most brothers in the game.
  • The Raised by Wolves shard is a reference to the story of Rome being founded, which is the story of Romulus and Remus.
  • It could also be a reference to The Jungle Book
  • This level is a pun on "metaphor"