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|Box title = Meteor
|image = File:Asteroid.png
|imagewidth = 135
|Row 1 title = Type
|Row 1 info = Object
|Row 2 title = Behavior
|Row 2 info = Destroys everything in the level or map/Causes large damage to objects near it
|Row 3 title = Synonyms
|Row 3 info = Asteroid, Comet, Asteroid Belt (Not available in Scribblenauts Unlimited), Meteoroid, Meteorite, Aerolite, Aerolith
|Row 4 title = Available in
|Row 4 info = [[Scribblenauts]], [[Super Scribblenauts]], [[Scribblenauts Remix]], [[Scribblenauts Unlimited]], [[Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure|Scribblenauts Unmasked]]}}
A '''Meteor''' is simply a large rock that falls and explodes, damaging anything in the vicinity.
== Uses ==
*If created high in the air, it will drop, and explode upon reaching the ground, killing everything and everyone on the map, similar to a [[Nuclear Bomb]]. Creating it on or close to the ground, however, does nothing.
*In ''[[Super Scribblenauts]]'', anything that touches it (including water and lava) results in the same effect as dropping it from a great height.
*In [[Scribblenauts Unlimited]], instead of destroying everything, it causes heavy damage to objects near its drop zone.
[[Category:Apocalypse Items]]
[[Category:Apocalypse Items]]
[[Category:Natural Objects]]
[[Category:Natural Objects]]

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