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Don't forget to wash your hands!

  • Flush an object that is found in a bathroom stall!
    • To complete: Flush the toilet.

It doesn't flush!

  • Use an object that transforms a hole in the ground into an outdoor bathroom!
    • To complete: Create an outhouse and use it.

What did I do?

  • Use an adjective to give something a phobia of scribblenauts!
    • To complete: create an object with the adjective "scribblephobic."

Dance party!

  • Get someone dancing on the chequered surface that people dance on!
    • To complete: Get a Dance Floor and put a Dancer on the Dance Floor.

Yo dawg, I heard you like...

  • Create a common backyard object that is like a beach in a box!
    • To complete: Spawn a sandbox.

Make it rain!

  • Use a stick that is supposed to make it rain!
    • To complete: create a "rainstick" and use it.

Not so boring barn!

  • Barns are always red. Make one more exciting by painting it another colour!
    • To complete: Repaint a barn in a colour other than red. Why not make it blue?

Daycare day job!

  • Put someone in the daycare who belongs there!
    • To complete: Spawn a daycare, then spawn an old man.

Light the fuse and get away!

  • Set off an explosive that is a rocket small enough to fit in a bottle!
    • To complete: Set off a Bottle Rocket.

War and peace!

  • Create the object war and give war a symbol of peace!
    • To complete: Spawn War, and kill him by giving him a white flag.

Who needs matches?

  • Use flint to start something on fire!
    • To complete: create "flint" and use it on any object.

Scaredy crow!

  • Frighten a crow with something built to do exactly that!
    • To complete: Startle a crow with a scarecrow.

I'd like to thank the academy!

  • Give a trophy to a professional entertainer to thank them for their work!
    • To complete: spawn an actress and give her an award

Weaving so soon?

  • Provide yarn to a person who weaves and see what they create!
    • To complete: give yarn to a weaver (human)

What a shamrock!

  • Give a small plant that normally has three leaves to a short green creature who appreciates such lucky things!
    • To complete: Give a leprechaun a clover.

Cure for the common gold!

  • Use magic to turn something only fools find valuable into something truly valuable!
    • To complete: make a wand then spawn a piece of fools gold and attack it with the wand

Order in the court!

  • Create a courthouse along with someone who works in it!
    • To complete: make a courthouse and then spawn a judge

Am I to be or not to be a writer?

  • Give a sample of your writing for critiquing to the famous playwright who wrote "Romeo and Juliet"!

Hula hula!

  • Give a hula dancer a specific round toy to help them practice their hula dancing!
    • To complete: Hand a Hula Hoop to a Hula Dancer.

Exhibit A!

  • Give some evidence to the person who prosecutes criminals in a court room!
    • To complete: spawn evidence and then spawn a lawyer and hand the evidence to the lawyer.

As important as the line and wings!

  • Create a toy that is simply a wooden cube!
    • To complete: Create a block.

Sanctuary seating!

  • Take a seat on the type of long bench usually found in churches!
    • To complete: spawn a pew and sit on it

Close your eyes!

  • Open the chest that is supposed to contain the ten commandments!
    • To complete: Open the Ark of the Covenant.

Troy to look surprised!

  • Create the large wooden horse the Greeks used in the battle of Troy and then empty it to see what is hiding inside!

It's more fun with the pieces!

  • Place a chess piece on the board it is played on!
    • To complete: Place any chess piece on a chess board.

Waste not want not!

  • Put some paper in the bin that holds the recycling!
    • To complete: Add Paper to the recycle bin.

Breaking the bank!

  • The piggy bank may be holding out on you, break it open to see what's inside!
    • To complete: Give the piggy bank a good whack, or chuck it


  • Use a bowling ball to knock down what its best at knocking down!
    • To complete: Spawn a bowling ball and a bowling pin then throw the bowling ball at the pin

Clean is a relative term!

  • Use a toilet brush to clean something!
    • To complete: Spawn a toilet brush and a toilet pick up the toilet brush then clean the toilet.

Table tennis menace!

  • Bounce a ping-pong ball off of a table is is used on!
    • To complete: Spawn a ping-pong ball and a ping-pong table and put the ping-pong ball above the table


  • Use a racquet to hit a ball used in sports!
    • To complete: Spawn a Tennis Racket and a Tennis Ball. Use the Racket to hit the ball.

Nap time!

  • Relax by laying in a type of bed that is often hung between two trees!
    • To complete: Spawn a hammock.


  • The shard Yo dawg, I heard you like... is a reference to "Xzbit Yo Dawg".
  • The shard As important as the line and wings! is a reference to a poem.
  • The shard Close your eyes! is an Indiana Jones reference.
  • The shard Troy to look surprised! is a reference to the Iliad by Homer.
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