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Person, Brother


Follows family



Available in

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Mix and Mox are Maxwell's twin brothers, whom are found in Grave Manor . Mix and Mox are invisible when first encountered, and once helped, they will teleport away.


Both Mix and Mox wear beanies and shirts with ties. To keep people from mixing them up, Mix wears a green shirt and beanie and red pants, while Mox wears the exact opposite: a red shirt, a blue and red beanie, and green pants. 

How to Unlock 

Mix and Mox are bored and need something to keep them entertained! Giving the any toy type object will work. A few examples include a doll, board game, or a ball.


  • The name of the shard they give may be a reference to the Grady Twins' quote from the horror movie The Shining.
  • mix and mox are the olny brthers to be unlocked at the same time
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