There are 25 shards in the Music category.

Name Description Completation
Out of tune!

To complete: Spawn a piano and a Tuning WrenchUse the tuning wrench on the piano.

Use a tuning wrench to get a musical instrument in tip top shape! Spawn a piano and a Tuning WrenchUse the tuning wrench on the piano.
Is this annoying you?

Blow a horn made of plastic that is often found in stadiums!

Spawn a vuvuzela and then play it.
Another dime! Play a tune on a music playing box found in diners! Spawn a jukebox and use it to play music.
Back to vinyl! Use a record on an object that will play it! Spawn a gramophone or a record player, and a record. Pick up the record, and use it on the machine.
Harmonious! Play a tune on a small harmonic instrument that is held sideways to the mouth! Spawn a harmonica , pick it up, and play music.
Accordion to who?

Give the accordion to someone who will play it! ​​​​​

Spawn a musician and give him an accordion.
Snake charmer! Use an instrument on a snake that will charm it! Spawn a snake and a flute . Pick up the flute, and use it to play music on the snake.
A shell of an instrument!

Blow into a type of sea shell that is often used like a musical instrument!

Spawn a conch and pick it up. Use it to play music.
Bang a gong! Help someone hit a gong by giving them both a gong and an appropriate object to hit it with! Spawn a gong and a mallet. Give the mallet to any NPC person or hit it youself.
Bag of hot air!

Play the instrument that looks like a bag with a bunch of pipes stuck in it!​​

Spawn a bagpipe. Pick it up and use it to play music.
Down to Georgia!

Give the devil his favourite stringed instrument! ​​​​​​

Spawn a devil and a fiddle, and give it to him.
What did Jerry do?

Play a note on a traditional Australian aboriginal instrument! ​​​​​​

Spawn a didge and use it to play music.
Epic drum solo!

Take a seat at the drum set and play your heart out! ​​​​

Spawn a drum kitride it, and then play music.
Plucked by an angel!

Give an angel the stringed instrument all angels love to play!

Spawn an angel and a harp . Give the harp to the angel.
Take a seat! ​​​​Sit on a bench that belongs in front of a piano while playing a piano! Spawn a piano bench and a piano. Place the bench infront of the keyboard and ride it, then reach over to the piano and play music.
Here Boy!

Use a special whistle that attracts dogs, and get a dog to follow you!

Spawn a dog whistle and a dog. Pick up the whistle and interact with it.
Off-Key Works For Me! You autotuned someone! Create someone who doesn't sing and apply the adjective "autotuned."
Desperado! ​​​​Use the guitar case to store something other than a guitar. Spawn a guitar case and a tommygun. Put the gun in the case
The sight of music!

Hand some sheet music to someone who composes music! ​​​​​

Spawn a composer and some sheet music, Pick up the sheet music and give it to the composer.
Boisterous revelry

Use a practical joke object that makes the sound of someone passing gas!

Spawn a whoopee cushion and interact with it.
Trumpet care

Don't leave your trumpet lying on the ground! Put it on a stand made for holding trumpets! ​​​​​

Spawn a trumpet stand and a trumpet. Put the two together.
Stereophonic sounds!

Put something in the stereo that it can play music off of!

Spawn a stereo and a cassetteFill the stereo with the cassette. (Note: you might not get the achievement until you empty the stereo)

Keeping the beat!

Give a metronome to someone who can use it to practice!

Spawn a pianist and a metronome. Pick up the metronome and give it to the pianist.
I can hold a tune!

Use a type of fork that isn't used for eating, to play a pure musical tone!

Spawn a piano and a tuning fork. Pick up the fork and use it on the piano to play sound.
Sounds funny!

Give a slide whistle to a comical performer who wears lots of make up, giant shoes, colourful wigs, and a red nose! 

Spawn a clown and a slide whistle. Pick up the whistle and give it to the clown.


  • The Starite Shard “Down To Georgia!” is a reference to the song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”, a song about the devil playing the fiddle.
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