Will spawn the symbol that the website Neogaf uses resembles an egg with a lightning bolt going through it. It can be ridden and can temporarily defy gravity.

The downside

in this game, if you type GAF it makes the same thing. In REAL life, there is many types of gafs

GAF ( building )

GAF ( weapon )

GAF ( internet )

GAF ( plane )

GAF ( place )

GAF ( person )

which in this game, theres only one. which is internet.


under the word neogaf on its logo, it has the word believe. if you type believe it makes a neogaf.

THE GAF is a totally different word. if spawned then identified it says THE GAF so its not just taking the word gaf.


if interacted with, a gamer comes out.

if typed GAFFER it makes a gamer.

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