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A Number is an arithmetical value, expressed by a word, symbol, or figure, representing a particular quantity and used in counting.

The word creates the following items:

The number 0 is the first 1-digit number. Other English words are:

  • nada
  • zilch
  • zip
  • goose egg


The number 1 is the second one digit number. One

The number 2 is the third one digit number. Two

Three is the fourth one digit number. Three

Four is the fifth 1-digit number. Four

The number 5 is the sixth 1 digit number. Five

Six is the seventh 1-digit number. Six

The number 7 is the eighth 1-digit number Seven

The number 8 is the ninth 1-digit number. Eight

The number 9 is the tenth and last 1-digit number. Nine

2-digit numbers

There are a total of 90 two digit numbers. You combine them using 1 digit numbers.

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