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[[File:Nyan Cat original-0|thumb|right|335 px|the original video]]{{Infobox
|Box title = Nyan Cat
|Box title = Nyan Cat
|image= File:NyancatHD.png
|image= File:NyancatHD.png

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Nyan Cat original-0

Nyan Cat original-0

the original video

Nyan Cat


Animal, Internet Memes




None Known

Available in

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Nyan Cat is an internet meme which is able to be spawned in only Scribblenauts Unlimited. It comes from a famous youtube video in which there is a cat with a poptart body flying though space with a rainbow trail, accompanied by music. Nyan cats are eaten by other NPCs (mainly humans) because of their poptart bodies.


  • Nyan cat can be seen in the E3 2012 preview of Scribblenauts Unlimited.
  • If you put a Nyan Cat into a toaster, it will light up as if a bomb was triggered. It will then fly upwards shortly after and explode into three rainbows.
    • This is a reference to a YouTube video showing Nyan Cat being born by flying out of a toaster.
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