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Nyan Cat is an internet meme which is able to be spawned in only Scribblenauts Unlimited. It comes from a famous YouTube video where there is a cat with a poptart body flying though space with a rainbow trail, accompanied by Hatsune Miku song Nyanyanyanya. Nyan Cats are eaten by other NPCs (mainly humans) because of their poptart bodies.


  • Nyan Cat can be seen in the E3 2012 preview of Scribblenauts Unlimited.
  • If you put a Nyan Cat into a toaster, it will light up as if a bomb was triggered. It will then fly upwards shortly after and explode into three rainbows (although not in the 3DS version).
    • This is a reference to a YouTube video showing Nyan Cat being born by flying out of a toaster.
  • In 2013, for unauthorised use of "Nyan Cat" in the Scribblenauts games; creator Christopher Orlando Torres engaged in a copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit against Warner Bros.
    • Due to the lawsuit, Nyan Cat will not make any recurring appearances within the Scribblenauts series, starting with Scribblenauts Unmasked.
    • All parties later resolved the suit, with Warner Bros. and 5th Cell becoming licensees of the Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat memes for use in later editions of the series. [1]

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