The object editor allows modification of objects using object pieces and colour and texture repainting.

Editor example

An example of what you can do with object pieces and colour editing

Object Pieces

In the object editor, users can type in objects from which they can extract pieces, or they can use the many pieces suggested by the game:

Suggested objects pieces:

  1. Leg
  2. Arm
  3. Tail

Body Parts

Antelope object-editor

Previously used object pieces tab


  • Stump
  • Wheel
  • Leaf
  • Log
  • Stick


Previously used pieces

Textures and Colors:

The game offers a great number of colors and textures to personnalise items. These mimic the effect of appearance adjectives used on specific object pieces.


Scribblenauts unlimited object editor colours

The colour editing tab.

SU custom dragon

The texture selection tab (second page)

Many colors are available, and are highly modifiable in terms of saturation and

hue using various spectrum discs.
Stumpy Footington

The end result


  • Grassy
  • Wooden
  • Rock



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