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Lolwut.png This page is about the currency of Scribblenauts; for the in-game object, see here.

Ollars are the currency in Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts. In essence, they are the total number of points you have earned during play. When you obtain a Starite, the score is totted up and converted into Ollars.


The number of Ollars you can earn in a level varies significantly. A majority of the points earned comes from how far you were from Par. If you scored well under par, you will earn a great deal more Ollars. You also get a similarly large amount depending on how fast you got the Starite. A faster time yields more Ollars, but generally not as many as beating the par. You also get a small bonus for "style" which usually varies between 0-100 (although higher is possible.) This value fluctuates depending on if you use new, convenient or plain absurd items. You also get a bonus depending on your Merits.

Ollars are used to purchase goods. There main use is to unlock new levels, but they can also be exchanges in the Ollar Store for avatars and soundtracks.

There are three Merits tied to Ollars.

You can type "Ollars" in game but it will just spawn a bank note with no specific use.

Like a dollar sign, the ollar sign is Ø.