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Creature, Scary, Beast




Blob, Slime

Available in

Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts, Scribblenauts Remix, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Scribblenauts Unmasked, Scribblenauts Showdown, Scribblenauts Mega Pack

Old sprite

Ooze, or a Blob, is a type of scientific monster. Blobs are extremely powerful in combat, as it can kill nearly any NPC in the game, but however, many stronger monsters can overwhelm a single ooze. The blob will die if you drop slime (material) on it from high up. In Super Scribblenauts and Remix, they have the ability to eat things to grow bigger; however, they only consume birds, getting up to colossal size. One of their greatest weaknesses is fire and explosives, which cause them to explode when they come into contact. If you make it tasty, and someone eats it, they will get poisoned. They will not attack anything with the adjective oozy. At least in the original Scribblenauts they will explode when there is a fire-related object nearby (Ex. Fire, Match).


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