Difficulty Par
Stars3 6


"Three prisoners have escaped! They're wanted dead or alive!"


1. place a cop by each prisioner to kill each of them

2. kill them youself with a weapon

3. place any "hostile creature" (asomething that attacks automatically, such as a slime) next to each of them to kill them

4. use a fishing rod to grab each of them and a jet pack to fly them each back to the prison

5. a helicopter with a rope attached to the bottom of it usually does the trick to get something somewhere

6. repeatedly drop a spiked crusher on them, one at a time

Where is the prisioner that ran to the left of the screen?

He is one of those people by the building... (the kid on the far left, closest to the building)

attack him with a hammer or something and kill him and you will see a smiley thing... you got one of the 3 prisioners

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