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Difficulty Par
Stars2 4


"Lead the sweethearts back to each other, but don't harm the witch!"
File:P4-9 1.png


This level can be difficult to finish under par.

  • Trap and Grab (3 items)
    • Chain (Tool) and Wings: Attach two chains together and put one end on the tower, and pull out the other end so it layers over the witch.
  • Knight Fight and Air Lift (2 items)
    • Place a Drawbridge/Street or other long item over the gap.
    • Run to the beast but then turn back. The knight will kill it.
    • Run to the right and up the ledge, then back down a bit. Write Helicopter and sit the knight in the back seat, then tap it to pilot it.
    • Fly over to the tower. Be careful not to crush the princess. You can now go back for the starite, the drawbridge prevented it from falling into the water.
  • One. Word. Yes, It Can Be Done!
    • Jump over the gap so that the knight falls in. Lure the beast back. Even though stuck in the water, the knight will kill it. Stay in the water!
    • Write Godmother. Place it next to the witch. This turns her wand into a rose, making the witch nearly harmless. Let them run all the way to the right.
    • The princess will follow the Godmother, so use it to lure her down to the lower level. Once there, you can let them all flee to the left, away from the witch.
    • The starite will fall into the water, and Maxwell will pick it up!
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