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[[Category:Zero-object Solutions]]
[[Category:Zero-object Solutions]]
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Difficulty Par
Stars3.png 4


"She wants one of the factory's bears!"


Win with the Power of Flight!

  • Basically fly up there and pick one up, then fly to the girl.
  • Alternatively you can use a flying vehicle like a UFO or Spaceship to prevent the bear from falling into the fire.
    • After knocking the bear to safety, pick it up and fly over to the girl.

Win with Power of Wind!

  • Place a Fan (Tool) left of the top Conveyor Belt pointing towards the girl.
    • Depending on if the boxes shift too far or not it may or may not blow the bear directly to the girl.
    • To play it safe place also a second fan left of the bottom conveyor belt pointing towards the girl.
      • You can use the fan to aid you to get across the bottom conveyor belt by placing it left of it.
  • Use the UFO to either pull the girl up to the bears, or bears to the girl.
    • Tricky part is to get out of the UFO without killing the girl in the process.

Win with Power of Creativity!

  • Hurdle over the bottom conveyor belt until you reach the right side along with the girl.

Win without using Items!

  • Catch a bear while it is falling before it hits the fire.

Win with the Power of Water!

  • Put the fire out, take a bear, and give it to the girl.
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