Payper N. Penitentiary
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After collecting 16 Starites

Doors to

Payper Plains


Starite Template.png x 3


Stariteshard Template.png x 11

Payper N. Penitentiary is a prison. It houses many fairytale creatures like the easter bunny, tooth fairy, and werewolf. This is also where the player can find Maxwell's brother, Bruiser.

NPCs and objects present: Sniper, Rifle, Crusader, Villain, Boss, Dark Knight, Sword, Table, Cake, Chef, Switch (3x), Steel Door (3x), Bruiser, Gnome, Easter Bunny, Stool, Egg, Werewolf, Tooth Fairy, Santa, Princess, Rogue.

Starite Shards

Blending In, Breaking Out!

Problem: Give me something to blend into the environment and make my escape!

Solution: Give the Crusader an Invisibility Cloak or give the adjective invisible.

Evil Loves Company!

Problem: All super villains have an evil animal companion! I need one!

Solution: Give the villain a Dog or a Hamster.

Dream Job!

Problem: We need someone who would want to watch these televisions all day!

Solution:Give the boss a Teenager or a Nerd.

Enlightening a Knight!

Problem: I want to talk to someone who will help me down the righteous path!

Solution: Give the Dark Knight a Priest or a Cleric.

Tasty Escape!

This Starite Shard unlocks Bruiser

Problem: Conceal something in my cake to help my friend burrow through the prison walls!

Solution: Place a Shovel or Drill in the chef's cake.

Far From Gnome!

Problem: Show me something from the yard I was stolen from!

Solution: Give the Gnome Grass or a Garden Gnome

Splash of Color!

Problem: Living here hinders my creativity! Help me paint this egg!

Solution: Give the egg an adjective like Rainbow

Werewolf Fang!

Problem: I want a fang from that werewolf!

Solution: Give the werewolf a Jawbreaker or give the tooth fairy some Pliers, or spawn a dentist.

Starving Santa!

Problem: This prison food does not follow my strict fattening diet!

Solution: Give Santa a Cookie or give him a candy bar.

The Princess and the Prison!

Problem: Help bridge the gap between the princess and me!

Solution: Give the rogue a ladder or a rope.

Basic Necessities!

Problem: These watch towers don't come with a bathroom!

Solution: Give the sniper a toilet.

Starite: Cellmates!

Description: Give each prisoner a reminder of home!

Problem 1: Each person needs a cellmate that they have something in common with! The football player needs to room with someone involved in sports!


  • Give me an athletic roommate.
  • Place someone else who plays sports in here.
  • Give me someone who plays baseball.

Solution: Use the third hint, provide the football player with a Jock

Problem 2: The halfling was captured during an important quest! Give the halfling a member of her adventuring party!


  • Give me someone to bring along on adventures.
  • Give me someone who wields a sword.
  • I need a knight.

Solution: Use the third hint, provide the halfling with an Elf, or the player can use Larp or Tiberius

Problem 3: The trombone player misses making music with others! Write someone to join the band!


  • I need someone to join my band.
  • Give me someone else who plays music.
  • Give me someone who can play guitar.

Solution: Use the third hint, provide the trombone player with a Singer, or the player can use Scratch

Problem 4: The actress misses practicing her lines with other thespians! Write someone from the movie industry that she can practice with!


  • I need someone to help me practice my script.
  • Give me someone who can act.
  • Give me some kind of actor.

Solution: Use the third hint, provide the actress with a Stunt Double, or the player can use Flux or even Shakespeare.

Problem 5: The scientist needs someone to share concepts with! Give him another member of the scientific community!


  • A second scientist opinion never hurts.
  • I need someone who knows about biology.
  • I want a biologist to talk to.

Solution: Use the third hint, provide the scientist a chemist, or the player can use Poindexter or even Einstein.

Final Problem: The cosplayer is a huge fan of video games and anime! Create someone from nerd culture that he can talk to!


  • I want to room with someone from nerd culture.
  • I want to meet an ancient assassin.
  • Give me a ninja to train with.

​Solution: Use the third hint, provide the cosplayer with another cosplayer or a gamer. You can also give him a maid. This is a reference to anime.

Starite: Prison Break!

Descrition: Help Maxwell escape from the prison!

Problem 1: Maxwell needs to escape prison! Give the tired guard a place to sit and he might unlock the gate!


  • I've been on my feet too long.
  • I would love a place to sit.
  • Give me a chair to relax on.

Solution: Give the security guard a Beanbag Chair or use the third hint

Problem 2: The guard unlocked the door! Now a ghost stands in the way! It can't open the door without a physical presence!


  • I need a physical body.
  • Give me someone to possess.
  • Place a human in my room.

Solution: Give the redcoat any humanoid objects

Problem 3: The ghost scared the door open! Now a prisoner is craving a hearty meal! Give him something filling!


  • Give me something hearty to eat.
  • Give me meat from an animal.
  • Give me steak.

Solution: Give him any food.

Problem 4: The prisoner destroyed the door! A con man has agreed to help Maxwell through the next door, but he needs a disguise to fool the camera!


  • What can I wear to make the camera think I'm an officer?
  • Give me something a police man wears,
  • Give me a police hat.

Solution: Give the con artist a Police Suit or use the third hint.

Final Problem: Running the security system is a lonely job! The programmer has been here for too long and misses his furry pet! Give him man's best friend!


  • I miss my pet.
  • Give me a small canine breed.
  • Give me a Corgi.

Solution: Give the programmer any breed of dog. Hamsters and cats work to.

Starite: The Gauntlet!

Description: Reach the Starite in the tower!

Problem 1.1: Complete the gauntlet to reach the Starite! Begin by getting out of this room!


  • Escape from this room.
  • Use the button to open the door.
  • Place a box on the button and leave the room.

Solution: Place anything heavy on the button.

Problem 1.2: A hallway of fire blocks the path! Make it safely through the door!


  • Reach the end of the hallway.
  • Try to extinguish the fires.
  • Use water to put out the flames.

Solution: Use Rain to extinguish the fire or the third hint or spawn firefighters.

Problem 2: Make it through to the next door! Beware of falling objects!


  • Make it to the end of the hall.
  • Tripwires activate booby traps
  • Stand in the middle of the room to avoid the walls

Solution: Use third hint or just wait on the first floor and use humanoid objects to move to the tripwires.

Problem 3: The robot guard stands watch! Quickly make it safely!


  • Make it to the door without being locked in the room.
  • Use adjectives to help Maxwell run faster.
  • Apply sonic on Maxwell and run.

Solution: Use adjectives like fast or speedy on Maxwell.

Problem 4.1: The Starite is open for the taking! Grab it!


  • Grab the Starite.
  • Please grab the Starite.
  • Ignore the trap and grab the Starite.

Solution: Just grab the Starite.

Optional Solution: Apply the adjective Tiny on the tripwire, apply the adjectives tiny and flying to get around the tripwire without destroying the Starite.

Problem 4.2: The Starite was destroyed! Make it to the time machine to set things right!


  • Reach the time machine by taking the long way around.
  • Bring the key to the locked door.
  • Wait on the second floor and use a fan to move the spiked ball.

Solution: Use the third hint or use give any object the adjective 'windy' or you could turn yourself molecular and flying and fly over the top.

Problem 4.3: Time to head outside! Flip the switch to open the door!


  • Find a way outside.
  • Maxwell is too big to fit through the door.
  • Apply small to Maxwell and go under the door.

Solution: Apply an adjective to Maxwell like tiny or miniature. if you applied molecular before this should be easy.

Problem 5: Find a way to traverse over the prison! Watch for potential hazards!


  • Make it to the prison rooftop.
  • Press the button to open the gates.
  • Use the air vent to blow an object into the button.

Solution: Wait inside and use any object to make the 2 exploding barrels explode. Then use the thrid hint.

Problem 6: Lightning storms protect the top of this prison! Cross the roof!


  • Carefully cross the rooftop.
  • Wait for the lightning to disappear before crossing the roof.
  • Watch the lightning to learn the rhythm.

Solution: Be careful and try to memorize the pattern.

Final Problem 1: Make it to the time machine but watch out for strong gusts! Those spikes are dangerous!


  • Avoid the spikes to reach the time machine.
  • Watch the leaf to determine when to move.
  • Run as soon as the leaf reaches the spikes.

Solution: Time yourself when on when you have to move

Final Problem 2: All of the challenges have been completed! Now use the time machine for a second chance to grab the Starite.


  • Hop in the time machine for a second chance.
  • Use the time machine to travel to the past.
  • Activate the time machine.

Solution: It's pretty easy.


  • Payper N. Penitentiary is a play on the phrase "paper and pen": PAyPER N. (and) PENitentiary.
  • The Starite Shard mission used to unlock Bruiser could be a reference to the Henry Stickmin game "Escaping the Prison" which involved the main character breaking out of prison because of something stashed in a cake delivered to him.
  • The Starite that gets destroyed in "The Gauntlet" can be collected by deactivating or bypassing the tripwire.
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