Punctuation Plaza
HNI 0001


After collecting 1 Starite

Doors to

Capital City


Starite Template x 0


Stariteshard Template x 0

Punctuation Plaza, also known as Mall (unused level for PC) is a Wii U (and Nintendo Switch) exclusive area in Scribblenauts Unlimited And Scribblenauts Mega Pack .

Wii U

It acts mainly as a store where people may download other players' creations . The player can also download their own custom creations to the store as well. Stores consist of a name, a painted design, and an avatar, as well as windows which display 4 seemingly random objects from said shop. Each shop has a limit of 32 custom objects, each with up to 5 tags, and a rating system (Reviews). In other words, this is similar to the game's steam workshop, like a replacement as steam workshop contents is only downloadable on PC only.


Although it appears exclusively in Wii U. It also appears in PC as well, in an unused data. It was cut presumably very late into development, as it can be found in late promotional work.

Unlike the Stadium level, only the collision and the background of the map work, there are no merits or missions.

Nintendo Switch

Same as Wii U.


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