Ruins of Ellipsis
Ruins of Ellipsis


After collecting 12 Starites

Doors to

Majuscule Grotto, Anaphora Falls


Starite Template x 1


Stariteshard Template x 7

Ruins of Ellipsis is an ancient kingdom in a jungle level. It is virtually uninhabited except for animals, scientists, and adventurers. There is 1 Starite mission and 7 Starite Shards.

Starite Shards

Green Thumb!

Problem: This carnivorous plant may hold the cure for many diseases, but I can't get it to bloom!

Solution: Place an ant next to the plant for the botanist.

Red Thumb!

Get the Starite Shard: 'Green Thumb!' first

Problem: Help! Now it hungers for something bigger! Feed the plant before it gets me!

Solution: Place meat in the ground for the botanist.

The Ant's Throne!

Problem: Our Leader has died! Create a new leader suitable for us!

Solution: Give the ants a queen ant.

Birds Not of a Feather!

Problem: I'm so plain! Add an adjective to me so I can fit in!

Solution: Apply the adjective 'rainbow' on the pigeon.

Crystal King!

Problem: Help me find the crystal bones of King Ellipsis!

Solution: There are 3 bones. The Spine is located above the botanist. The rib cage is between the birds and the primatologist. The last bone is next to an explorer trying to dodge darts.

Dodging Darts!

Problem: Help! I can't get past these crazy darts!

Solution: Give the Cryptozoologist a forcefield.

Primate Research!

Problem: Give me something to help me study these chimps!

Solution: Give the Primatologist a notebook.

Starite: Scribblequest

Description: Outfit your party of brave adventurers for a legendary journey.

Problem 1: Prepare the adventures for an epic quest! Provide the warrior with a weapon!


  • I need a weapon.
  • I need a weapon that can slice through enemies.
  • Give me a weapon used for cutting.

Solution: Give the warrior a sword.

Problem 2: The rogue likes to stay outside of the fray! Give him a weapon that he can use from a distance!


  • I like using weapons that keep me away from the enemy.
  • I use weapons that shoot projectiles.
  • I use the same weapons as archers.

Solution: Give the rogue a bow (weapon).

Problem 3: The warlock is a master of magic! Give him a weapon that channels his magical ability!


  • I need a weapon that channels my magic.
  • I use a weapon that helps cast spells.
  • I need the same tool as a wizard.

Solution: Give the warlock a staff.

Final Problem: The cleric's role is to support the team! Give her something to heal the party members!


  • I use magical items that heal others.
  • I brew items with healing properties.
  • Potions can be used to cure almost all conditions.

Solution: Give the cleric a first aid kit.


  • An ellipsis are three periods (...) that indicate an unfinished thought or an end in the sentence.
  • The Starite Shard Red Thumb may be a reference to the play and movie Little Shop of Horrors.
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