Scribblenauts Remix Level 17-10 is the 10th level of World 17.


"Get everyone back to the fort! Don’t let them die!"

Additional Hints

  • Be careful leaving them alone together.
  • Have you tried a shrink ray and pegasus?


  • First, equip “fast wings” onto Maxwell, and “wings” onto the zombie, the lion, and the little boy all the way to the right of the stage. This prevents any accidental deaths into the lava. Lure the zombie to the fort. Use “Repellent” on the zombie to put it down. Lure the lion to the fort. Use “Tranquilizer Gun” to put it to sleep. Attach a small short rope to the little boy to drag him across the stage.
  • Ride a “Fast Tiny Airplane” with Maxwell. Place “Immovable Wall” between the gaps of the platform so that zombie and lion do not fall into the lava. Lure the zombie to the fort. Then place something like “Immovable Block” and “Small Short Chain” to tie down the zombie. Alternatively you can block it with several copies of Immovable Blocks. Place a “Lion Tamer” on the platform where the lion is. Then you can move close to tie it using “Small Short Chain” to either you or your airplane. Drag it back to the fort. Attach a small short chain to the little boy and drag him across the stage.
  • Set up immovable bridge above the lava to cover all the gaps. This way you can prevent accidental deaths. Ride a “Fast Tiny Flying Car” with Maxwell. Lure the zombie to the fort, then place something like “Immovable stone” and “Small Short Line” to tie down the zombie. Alternatively you can use Immovable stones to block the zombie into place. Use a Tranquilizer Dart to put the lion to sleep first, then tie it with a “Small Short Line” with your plane to drag it into the fort. Lastly, for the little boy, drag him along with Small Short Line.
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