This level is also a level in Scribblenauts Remix.

SS 1-1






Super Scribblenauts


Level 1-1 in Scribblenauts Remix

Super Scribblenauts Level 1-1 is the first level in the game, as well as being among the easiest.  There are a wide variety of solutions to solving the level, ranging from destroying the tree, to flying up and grabbing the Starite.


Which one is the real Starite?

  • Remix: Cut the tree down and grab the real Starite!


  • Use a Wood Chipper
  • Create a Lumberjack and equip him with a chainsaw or axe
  • Use a Woodpecker
  • Use a Termite
  • Use a Beaver
  • Throw something at it, like a ball or rock
  • Place an air vent under the tree. and let it carry you up.
  • Use an explosive and activate it to blow up the tree, and collect the Starite
  • Fly up with an object with the ability to fly.
  • Chop down the tree with a weapon.
  • Jump to it with a trampoline, moon shoes,etc.
  • Glue something heavy to the side of a Starite.
  • There are no objectives required to complete in order to obtain the Starite.
  • Make a Ladder and climb up it
  • Burning the tree will scare the Starite.
  • Jump up to the Starite using Jet Boots.
  • Vaporize the Tree using a Laser weapon.
  • Freeze the Starite with a freeze ray, allowing it to fall to the ground.
  • Spawn vending machine and spawn handcuffs and attach handcuffs to the starite.

Put the vending machine next to the handcuffs and bring the other end of the handcuffs to the vending machine. Choose fill and the starite is now in the vending machine.

  • Spawn Santa. Have him come up to you and give you a present. If it is a throwable object, such as coal, use it to knock off the Starite. If it is a nonthrowable object, like a ring, spawn another person, or spawn another Santa.
  • The best way is get a basic ladder with no adjs and climb to the red starite.

Additional Hints

  1. Which one is the real Starite?
  2. Knock the Starites out of the tree.(Costs 300 Ollars)
  3. The real Starite will try to escape when found. (Costs 500 Ollars)


  • It is actually the remake of A1-1 since it has a similar background and objective.
  • You can get back to this level in sandbox mode by using the Time Machine and getting the starite again, although this is only a small chance.
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