SS 10-5
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Final Level, Scenario

The Final Level

As Maxwell locates the last starite, Doppelganger decides to join in the game and, riding in his UFO, steals the starite, plus everyone and everything in the game, Maxwell aside.


Second Part of 10-5

Part 1

  1. Follow the UFO
  2. Any vehicle or mount can follow the UFO
  3. Try riding a friendly dragon.

Part 2

drag the stylus across the starites to attack the doppelganger

Part 3

  1. Write the answer
  2. What does Maxwell need?
  3. One of these is in every level.


Part 1

Summon any mount. (eg. car, plane, war horse, dragon, pizza)

Third Part of 10-5

Or use wings or a jet pack to fly after him.

Part 2

Tap or drag your stylus(if you are playing on the DS version)every Starite to launch it into the UFO.

Part 3

Summon a Starite. I WIN or THE ANSWER also works too.


Put Starite in the dead doppelganger's hand and he will be standing up no matter what you do to him.


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