This level is also a level in Scribblenauts Remix.


This Super Scribblenauts Level can be replayed in Advanced Mode!

SS 2-5






Super Scribblenauts

In Level 2-5, Maxwell the Magician must make a Small Lion disappear in front of a huge crowd.


Help Maxwell the Magician make the lion disappear!

The Hints

Hint 1:

Help Maxwell the Magician make the lion disappear!

Hint 2:

Put the lion in the secret room without the audience seeing it.

Hint 3:

One switch blocks the audience's view, and the other open's the secret room.

What to do

  1. First, close the red door with the red switch.
  2. Open the blue door with the blue switch.
  3. Place meat or something the lion will either eat or kill in the secret room.
  4. Close the blue door when the lion is inside the secret room.
  5. Open the red door and amaze the audience!
  6. Grab the starite.

Other Possible Solutions

  • Using a Female lion, a Lioness, a Lion Cub or another lion will attract the smaller lion.

What not to do

  • Kill the lion. Even though the lion does disappear.
  • Summon either a policeman, God or a guard. Apparently, they want the bookie dead.
  • Open the blue door while the audience can see it.
  • Kill someone in the audience. That's why you can't do option 2.
  • Blindfold everyone thinking they won't see you open the secret door.
  • Use any object other than the red door to block the audience's view.

Scribblenauts Remix

This level also appears in Scribblenauts Remix in Level 2-7.


  • After the trick is over, you can easily reveal the magic trick and show everyone how you did it. It doesn't cause a fail.
  • Interestingly, if you force someone on the stage, put him/her behind the red door, close it, then open the blue door, she/he doesn't even care.
    SS2-6 wat

    The lion stuck in the wall.

  • There are a few glitches associated with this level. It's possible to hit the red switch and run left and get trapped with the lion. It's also possible to get the lion stuck in the wall, by lowering the blue wall when it's right below it.
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