SS 3-10
SS 3-10






Puzzle, Adjective, Comparisons


Part One

  1. Complete each scene by adding objects. Look for similarities between scenes to find out what objects are missing!
  2. What vehicle would you find at a fire staton?
  3. The required vehicle is red and has a fire hose.

Part Two

  1. The bottom left scene is missing one object with an adjective!
  2. Who helps sick people? What qualities does this person have?
  3. Becoming a medical professional requires many years of education.

Part Three

  1. The bottom right scene is missing two objects!
  2. Where does the policeman work?
  3. What vehicle does the policeman drive?


In this level, the player needs to compare two different boxes at a time and put in objects that are missing.

Boxes One and Two

Box one (top left) contains an icecream parlor, an icecream man, and an icecream truck. The second box (to the left) holds a Fireman and a Fire Station. To complete this comparison, the player needs to add a vehicle. There is specifically only one vehicle, which would be the Fire Truck.

Boxes Three and Four

This box has a Hospital, and a EMS Truck. The box to the right (Box Four) has a policeman in it. To complete the third box, the player needs to add in a human with an adjective. This adjective should modify the wielder's intelligence, like the Smart adjective. The person can be a Nurse, Doctor, or any other person who's profession ins human health.

The fourth box only has the policeman and needs the vehicle and the work-place. Simple add in a Police Car for the vehicle. For the work-place, the player can use a Jail or a Police Station.

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