SS 3-3
SS 3-3






Puzzle, Adjective Levels, Comparison


Part One

  1. Put a dwarf or giant in the empty box! Use adjectives to make him similar to the character.
  2. Make a dwarf that matches the giant's size.
  3. Make a big dwarf.

Part Two

  1. Now connect a dunce an a professor!
  2. These two characters share a difference in brainpower.
  3. Give the dunce the mind of a professor.

Part Three

  1. Now connect a villain and a hero!
  2. Villains and heros mostly differ in attitude.
  3. Give the villain the heart of a hero.


To complete this Super Scribblenauts level, the player must compare two different objects, and add an adjective that makes one of the objects similar to the other. Note that synonyms of the object(s) are compatable with the puzzle.

  • Part One: Alter the dwarf's size. Make the dwarf Tall, Large, or Big. Another option is to make a giant with the dwarf's size. Make a giant that is small or short.
  • Part Two: Create a Dunce with the Smart adjective or one of its synonyms. The alternative is to compare the professor by making him Stupid or Dumb.
  • Part Three: Make the villain change its attitude. Make a villain that is Good, Helpful, or Heroic. To alternate, make a hero that is Evil or Sinister.
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