This level is also a level in Scribblenauts Remix.


This Super Scribblenauts Level can be replayed in Advanced Mode!

SS 3-7
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Puzzle, Scenario


  1. Supplies are limited! Get to the front of the line!
  2. Help Maxwell bribe his way to the front of the line.
  3. Lure the people in the line away with a gift.


Maxwell wants a video game, but there's only one copy left! There's a long line ahead of the player when the start the level. To complete the level, the player needs to make it to the front of the line without passing other customers, then they must grab the game. Below is a list of people and what they are interested in:

  • Delivery Man: The delivery man will accept any kind of package in order to pass. Use a Gift or a Letter.
  • Body Builder: Body builders like to add on to their muscle and physical appearance. Give the body builder any type of exercise equipment, such as a Dumbbell.
  • Artist: The artist is one of the most easiest to pass. Simply give the artist an art supply and she will leave the line. Solutions can be a Paint Brush, a can of Paint, some Clay, or a Sketch Pad.
  • Special Force: The special forces unit will really take any weapon and will leave the line. Spawn in any type of Gun.
  • Rockstar: Another easy pass, just create any handheld musical instrument and the video game is able to be taken. Create a Guitar or a Electric Guitar.
  • Take the video game afterwards

Alternatively, it is possible to scare everyone in line offscreen, but this must be done without harming any of the characters. Additionally, if anyone is still within the stage boundaries, it will count as a loss when Maxwell approaches the game.

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