This level is also a level in Scribblenauts Remix.

SS 4-10
SS 4-10






Puzzle/Action, Adjective Levels


  1. It's a witchs' duel! Destroy her monsters with your own! Only creatures with the opposite adjectives can win!
  2. Which mythological or historic creatures are strong enough to defeat the enemy?
  3. Claim victory with the Grim Reaper, a Dragon or Dinosaur.


Spawn in a monster or other creature with an adjective that is opposite to the other monsters' adjectives.

NOTE: objects cannot be duplicated, and objects other than NPCs cannot be spawned. Some monsters include a Dragon, Death, T-Rex, Cyclops, Giant, Cthulu, Shoggoth, Behemothdemon, or a zombie. Also spawning a Portal with the adjective will work.

  • Large Shambler: To opposite this creature, create an object smaller than it. The suggested adjective is Small.
  • White Titan: The creature that the player spawns in needs to be Black in order to win this battle.
  • Hot Golem: Opposite the temperature of your creature to defeat the golem, create a cold object.
  • Ugly Nuckelavee: Create a creature that has more beauty than it, make something that is Pretty.
  • Fast Sandworm: Create something that is much slower with the Slow adjective. Note that it is advised to create stronger creatures, as with a regular creature, it will die quickly, causing the player to have to create multiple creatures in order to win.

Scribblenauts Remix

This level reappears in Scribblenauts Remix as Level 10-10. However, this level is replayed in Advanced Mode.


It is possible to kill the Witch without failing. Here are the solutions:

  • Spawn a Bomb with an opposite adjective before the dying monster disappears. Do it quickly, because the fail message will appear. Spawn the duplicated Bomb and the "not allowed" message will show up. Tap okay when the Bomb is near the Witch after any monster (except the Sand Worm) is destroyed. Once done, the level will continue and the monsters will be spawned without the Witch.
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