This level is also a level in Scribblenauts Remix.

SS 4-7
SS 4-7






Puzzle, Scenario


Part One

  1. Protect Maxwell from the plague!
  2. Equip Maxwell with protective gear.
  3. Give Maxwell something to wear to keep out disease.

Part Two

  1. Give the doctor an infected specimen to examin.
  2. The rats are infected.
  3. Bring an infected rat and give it to the doctor.

Part Three

  1. Help the doctor find a cure!
  2. The doctor needs something to examine the rat.
  3. Give the doctor a piece of medical equipment.

Part Four

  1. Cure the girl!
  2. Give the girl the cure from the doctor.
  3. Bring the potion bottle to the girl.


To complete the level, the player needs to help Maxwell by curing the sick girl.

  1. The player needs to suit up Maxwell so he can go into the enviroment without getting sick. Equip Maxwell with a Respirator, Surgical Mask, or a Hazmat Suit.
  2. The player needs to grab a rat and give it to the doctor.
  3. The player needs to give the doctor a piece of medical equipment to help them find the cure. Give the doctor a Laboratory to do their works in, or give them a microscope to examine the rat.
  4. The player needs to carry the potion that the doctor has produced and use it on the girl.


  • In the hints, the infected animals are referred to as "Rats", but in-game, they are Mice.
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