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SS 6-6
SS 6-5






Adjective Level


Part 1Edit

  • Put a witch or princess in the space between them! Use adjectives to make her similar to the other character!
  • Give the witch some class.
  • Make the witch into royalty.

Part 2Edit

  • Now connect the doctor and the assassin!
  • Both doctors and assassins deal with people.
  • Give the doctor the disposition of the assassin.

Final PartEdit

  • Now connect the peasant and the millionaire!
  • Wealth and luxury separate them.
  • Make the peasent rich.


Part 1Edit

Spawn an a magical princess or a polite royal witch.

Part 2Edit

The doctor can be given the personality of the assassin. Spawn a stealthy doctor or a caring assassin.

Final PartEdit

Spawn a poor millionaire or a rich peasant.

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