This Super Scribblenauts Level can be replayed in Advanced Mode!


This level is also a level in Scribblenauts Remix.

SS 7-8
SS 7-8








Maxwell must sneak into a party, meet his contact, disable the guard, get the intel and escape.


Part 1

Infiltrate the Party! Do not harm anyone!

Part 2

Rendevous with the contact to get the key card!

Part 3

Use the computer to disable the camera!

Final Part

Retrieve the intel from the safe and escape!

Additional Hints

Part 1

  • Only well dressed people can enter.
  • Give Maxwell a tuxedo or suit.

Part 2

  • You contact will trade the keycard for a romantic gift.
  • What do all the other woman have in their hands?

Part 3

  • Put the guard to sleep to get to the computer.
  • Use a tranquilizer gun on the guard.

Final Part

  • The door and the safe are connected.
  • The door only opens when the safe is full.


  • Put on a Tuxedo .
  • Enter the party and find the woman with the key card.
  • Give her something romantic, like a Rose or any type of flower (any held item will work, but if you give her something romantic she won't try to pick up the key card again).
  • Grab the key card. Put on some Wings to fly up to the left. When the door opens, shoot the guard with a Stun Gun. Interact with the computer.
  • Fly to the safe. Empty it. The door closes unless something is inside, so put the key card from earlier into the safe. Grab the notebook and escape with the motorboat to the right.
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