This level is also a level in Scribblenauts Remix.

SS S1-1
SS S1-1






Super Scribblenauts


Use the button and switches to bring the Starite to Maxwell.

Additional Hints

  • Keep the button activated by placing an object on it.
  • Each switch must be used exactly twice.


NOTE: The switches and button correspond to the colors of the gates.

  1. Use the orange switch to lower the gates, the exit for the Starite will be blocked for now.
  2. Then use the olive switch to open the gates of the same color then activate the yellow button with a rock, ball, or any other inanimate object, and remove it (don't get rid of it).
  3. Place a balloon on the Starite and place the rock on the button again.
  4. Once the Starite is next to the orange gate, use the orange switch (place more balloons until it reaches the orange gate).
  5. Take off the balloons and take off the rock from the button, the Starite should fall to Maxwell.
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