This level is also a level in Scribblenauts Remix.

SS S1-3
SS S1-3






Super Scribblenauts


Don't allow any animals to get hurt!

Additional Hints

  • Lure the animals with food.
  • You will need to flip some of the switches several times.


  1. Flip the Violet Switch first and lure the tiger to the middle with meat.
  2. Flip the Green Switch.
  3. Flip the Orange Switch and lure the peacock to the right with a seed.
  4. Flip the Orange Switch.
  5. Attach ballons to the Hyena.
  6. Flip the Green Switch
  7. Flip the Green Switch.
  8. Flip the Orange Switch.
  9. Flip the Orange Switch to the right.
  10. Finally flip the Red Switch to the right.

Alternately, you can calm the animals (such as with a Tranquilizer Gun) so that they will not harm each other or Maxwell. Or use tasty tranquilizer. Then you can simply flip the orange switch, tranquilize the hyena, flip the green switch, tranquilize the tiger, and flip the two switches in the tiger's area before collecting the Starite.

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