This Super Scribblenauts Level can be replayed in Advanced Mode!

SS S2-14
SS S2-14






Super Scribblenauts


Don't get claustrophobic!

Additional Hints

  • Try finding some way to get the Starite to float.
  • Use the air currents to guide the Starite to Maxwell.


  1. Place immovable steel gates or door over the spikes with the air vent.
  2. Place an immovable air vent just beside Maxwell and beside the floating Starite. Use a rope to make it easier to float in the air.
  3. Use a immovable colossal air vent and drag the rope in between the moving spikes. Time it.
  4. The spider can get pushed off the edge. Attach the Starite with the rope on the wall and use an immovable air vent to push it of the edge.
  5. Place the immovable steel doors or gates on the gap, don't leave any opening for the Starite to fall.
  6. Use another immovable air vent to make the Starite move to Maxwell.
  • Use a flying toy car to pick up the starite and then command it to go to Maxwell.
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