This Super Scribblenauts Level can be replayed in Advanced Mode!

SS S2-2
SS S2-2






Super Scribblenauts

This is the second level of the S2 special constellation in Super Scribblenauts. In this level, Maxwell is on a long, blue door next to a red button. As the first hint says, pushing the red button reveals the Starite. The Starite then begins travelling slowly on a series of conveyor belts to Maxwell. Unfortunately, there is also a crate on a blue button. As long as the crate is on the button the door Maxwell is on will rise to the roof. There are spikes on the roof, though, so you must get the Starite before it's too late!


1. Push the button to release the Starite!

2. Use an object to prevent the boxes from hitting the button.

3. What animals eat wood?


1. As the Starite slowly travels your way, drop exploding barrels on the falling crates.

2. Put an RC helicopter in the room with the blue button and move up so the crate cannot hit the button. You will have to act fast in order for it to work, though! If it makes you comfortable, make the RC helicopter invincible.

3. Use an air vent/fan to speed up the Starite's process of coming to you.

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