This Super Scribblenauts Level can be replayed in Advanced Mode!


This level is also a level in Scribblenauts Remix.

SS S2-9
SS S2-9






Super Scribblenauts


Prevent the spiked balls from falling!

Additional Hints

  • Put the fires out first.
  • The easiest path is down and to the left.


  1. Put out all fires first (there are two of them) and place the invincible immovable steel gate on the barrels with the fire.
  2. Place something on the barrels and make them explode.
  3. Place the steel gate under the barrel with the spike and make it explode.
  4. Give Maxwell wings and a shovel and dig to the right if there are leftover sand.
  5. Place two invincible immovable steel gates under the other barrels with fire. Then make the barrels above it to explode and dig to make the path bigger.
  6. Fly down and grab the Starite.

Slideshow (solution)

Just in case if there are some people who don't understand the solution above.

  • 1: Without the steel gate, all barrels will explode and land on the barrels below it.
  • 2: Doing so will prevent the barrel from above to explode.
  • 3: Leftover sand on the right.
  • 4: Get wings and a shovel.
  • 5: The spike ball must not touch those two barrels.
  • 6: The Starite sits on a barrel, chances are the barrel will explode before the player grabs it.
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