Scribblenauts Unlimited
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5th Cell


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Release Date(s)

NA: November 13th, 2012 (3DS and Wii U)
NA: November 20th, 2012 (PC)
AU: November 29th, 2012
EU: February 8th, 2013


Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Wii U
PC, Steam


Puzzle, Adventure, Emergent


Free Play/Levels (Single or Multiplayer)
Object Editing (Single Player or Online)



Scribblenauts Unlimited is a game produced by 5th Cell. It was announced at the 2012 E3 on June 5th. Scribblenauts Unlimited is set to be a launch title of Nintendo's Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS (which has already been released). Scribblenauts Unlimited was originally suggested to be released (and developed) for the Wii, but was then moved to the Wii U upon Jeremiah Slaczka's intel off the newly developed Wii U.


The game is set to take place in a massive continuous level. The core gameplay is still the same, however, and there will be multiple people for Maxwell to help in one location.


In Scribblenauts Unlilmited, Free Play and Levels are undissociable. Unlike Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts, there is no level selection screen. All 30 - 40 [6] areas are connected and visitable through a map, they house levels, are fully explorable and are populated with NPCs. Some areas known are the MetaforestUnderscore MineHyphen HeightsThe Saurus Park, St. Asterisk, Edwin's Farm, the Full Stop Diner, the Capital City Firehouse, The Capital City itself, Grave Manor, The Virgue Gallery, Inkwell High, Kana Craters(The Moon, full of vegetation because of the gardener), The Storybook Keep, The Alliteration Abyss, Majuscle Grotto, and the Exclamation Point (it's a mountain top) among others. (some of the names are based upon writing elements and context, while others are normal). [5] Small missions in each area give you Starite Shards (around 400 total small objectives) and bigger multi-stage levels remain in the areas but temporarily remove NPCs and Free Play elements, giving you Starites (around 60 in total).  

 Multiplayer (Wii U)

Multiplayer allows two or more players to join in Freeplay or Levels using Wii remotes as they take control of any onscreen object.

Online (PC and Wii U)

Players can share their Custom Objects online. In the PC verisons of Scribblenauts Unlimited, Steam Workshop is supported for users to share their creations with other players. The Steam version also includes 25 Steam Achievements


Maxwell had 2 parents, Edgar and Julie, were explorers before they settled down and had kids. (They had 42 kids in total, including Maxwell and Lily) They give each of their children a special magical gift. Maxwell recieved a special notebook, while Lily had a globe that take her everywhere around the world (and the other gifts are not discussed)[4]. Having all these gifts made the children somewhat spoiled though. Because of that, Maxwell pulled a trick on a hungry beggar by writing down a rotten apple. The beggar ate the apple, but revealed that he had magical powers, and placed a curse that would turn Lily into stone. Maxwell learned that the only way to stop the curse is to gather Starites. However, to get these starites, Maxwell must earn people's gratitude by helping them out. Therefore, Maxwell decided to use his notebook for good and set out on a quest to around the world to collect starites to makes things right again (and he also stole Lily's Globe) [7]. In the end, the beggar turned out to be Edgar, as his cane can paralyze people.

Object Editing [3]

Fifth Cell has also announced the additions of making custom objects that appear when a custom word is typed. From the released trailer, objects can only be made using pre-made object pieces in order to stay within the animation style of the Scribblenauts series.

The Custom Objects feature was originally used to create all objects in the other Scribblenauts games. It was created by Edison Yan.[3]

In the 3DS version of the game, you can add adjectives to items, but you can't swap parts.

Special Features

Unlike the original Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts, Scribblenauts Unlimited has many more new features such as:

  • Object Library: Although similar to the 'Resummon' tool in Super Scribblenauts where it will bring back previous objects, the Object Library is Maxwell's Backpack and he can store objects, custom or original, in there for later use at any time.
  • Merit Board: Each world will be filled with hints. There will be a new feature called "Starite Vision" aid that will highlight all nearby Starites and Starite Shards.
  • Easter Eggs: Arcade gives a special pixelated look, Time Machine a Retro Look (complete with Old-Timey Maxwell) and Handheld to make it Gameboy style. New memes: Nyan Cat, Tube Man.
  • Improved Graphics: The game will utilize the Wii U's High-Definition capabilities to make the game look clear and smooth around the edges, as well as better shading and lighting.
  • More Objects: The Wii U's technical power will allow players to spawn about 60 objects at once, as apposed to about 10 before.
  • Nintendo Objects: Guest Objects from other Nintendo series (such as Mario, Link, Zelda, and Yoshi) will feature in the Wii U version. [8]
  • Streetpass: The 3DS game allows you to share solutions to levels using streetpass.


For the gallery of screenshots, please vist the Scribblenauts Unlimited Gallery Page.


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