Scribblenauts Unlimited Ending and Credits HD 1080P

Scribblenauts Unlimited Ending and Credits HD 1080P

Scribblenauts Unlimited credits: The cinematic sequence and the rolling credits in Scribblenauts Unlimited where the 5th Cell members are.

Cinematic Sequence

Original Concept and Directed By

Technical Director

Lead Designer

Audio Director

Sound And Music

Lead Programmer

Senior Programmer

Additional Programming


Tools and Gameplay Programmer


Gameplay Programmer

Game Designer

Senior Game Designer

Game And Cinematic Designer

Level Designer

Additional Art

VFX Artist




Art Production

Senior UI Designer

Cinematic and Environment Artist

Lead Software Test Engineer

Quality Assurance

Senior Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Senior Quality Assurance

PR Manager

Creative Marketing Associate

Production Directory


Executive Producer

Credit Roll

Developed By 5th Cell Media, LLC.

Additional Programming

Additional Design

Additional Production

Additional QA

Additional Art


  • Asher Clifford Hanson
  • Katherine Wissler

Special Thanks

  • Nate Payne
  • Christine Choi
  • Bill And CJ Rosas
  • Heather Erickson
  • Robert B. Francis
  • Rdm And Carl
  • Liz Diestler
  • Mariko Shinoda-Mettler
  • George P. Burdell
  • Madeline Jane
  • Grace Jesephine
  • Margaret Anderson
  • Jacob Tea
  • Brandon Kwak
  • Ethan Kwak
  • Sir Michael Carr
  • Terry Godfrey
  • Wendy Godfrey
  • Garr Godfrey
  • Cadi Russell-Sauve
  • Cleo And Sapphie
  • Mike Gross
  • Kenny And Cindy Gross
  • Stephanie Sanford
  • Dennis Ritchie (RIP)
  • Zeek's Pizza
  • Mac & Jack's Brewery
  • Top Pot Doughnuts
  • Joao Chaves
  • Veleria Chaves
  • Julliana Chaves
  • Paul Lowe
  • Robyn English
  • Liberty & Justice For All
  • Chrissy Wissler
  • Zach Peterson
  • Ben Mattes
  • Tony Horton
  • Jay Heiny
  • Nicole And Anne Browning
  • Giulio Pellegrini
  • Amy And Eric Logan
  • Trevor Owen
  • Kerrie Maynes
  • Gordon & Susan Christiansen
  • Christopher Peterson
  • Tom Garner

And Thanks To Our Moms, Our Dads, Our Friends And Families!

Warner Bros. Publishing

Executive Producer


Vice President, Production

  • Peter Wyse

Production Administrator

  • Jamie O'brien Moore

Production Assistant

  • Alicia Sprague

Director Of Quality Assurance

  • Nicolas Liorzou

QA Manager

  • Pascal Gauthier

QA Lead

  • Vadim Mercurio

QA Analyst Core Team

  • Christina Kakoczky
  • Jared Duggan
  • Kelly Anne Spiller
  • Laura Labillois
  • Manuel Jannesteau
  • Matthew Woods
  • Maxime Dube
  • Richard Tuok
  • Tim Derrington

QA Analysts

  • Jean-Phillippe Leighton
  • Larry Greene
  • Louis-Philippe Labelle
  • Mark Lackey
  • Nicholas Lussier
  • Stephanie Gregory
  • Willie Vichit

QA Certification Lead

  • Justin Parker

QA Certification Senior Analyst

  • Lisanne Duquette

QA Certification Team

  • Brian King
  • Ambroise Nadeau
  • Jacques Void

IT Support Team

  • Patrick Fillion
  • Elliot Gozansky
  • Louis-Philippe Sicotte
  • Devon Prenovost
  • Frederic Damoiseau
  • Martin Cote
  • Alexandre Vechon
  • Jean-Joseph Cajolet

External Compatibility, Support Enzyme Testing Labs

External Localization Support

  • Babel Media

Vice President, Development

  • Kevin Stephens

Executive Director, Consumer Values Research

  • Lowell Vaughen

Director, Consumer Values Development

  • Troy Skinner

Usability Managers

  • Benjamin Lile
  • Walker Tate

Director, Devlopment

  • David Silverman

Director, Design

  • Frank Rooke

Director, Engineering

  • Yvo Zoer

Director, Production

  • Gordon Fong

Creative Director

  • Mario Maltezos

Production Coordinator

  • Dayna Smith

Manager, First Party Operations

  • Wendy Bozzi

Ratings Specialist

  • Adam Friedberg

Submission Specialists

  • Jacob Troxell
  • Steven Wright

Director, First Party Operations

  • Baki Allen

Director, Talent Relations

  • Karen Fishman

Marketing Manager

  • David Lebovic

Director, Marketing

  • Jeff Neinstein

Vice President, Marketing

  • Stephanie Johnson

PR Manager

  • Mark Magolis

Vice President, Public Relations

  • Remi Sklar

Director, Developer Relations And Acquisitions

  • Michael Leon

Director, Information Technology

  • Adrian Dupre

Manager, Information Technology

  • Amanda Hardiman
  • Josh Lebow

Information Technology

  • Spencer Maiers
  • Marvin Brown
  • Randi Cowett
  • Curtis Downey
  • Michael "LURCH" Robinson
  • Aaron Bockelie
  • Pete Peterson
  • Stephen Heed
  • Dion Baldwin
  • RJ Knueppel


  • Penny Armstrong
  • Paula Cook
  • Monique Doubet
  • Rasmus Fahraeus
  • Sharon Gamble
  • Monica Loya-Clarke
  • Greg Mucha
  • Cleyton Oliviera
  • Amy Roberts
  • Carl Steele
  • Dan Sutherland
  • Echo Storch
  • Joaquin Colino
  • Luis Hernandez

Sales Planning And Analysis

  • Diana Gaines
  • Chris Hughes
  • David Strand

Vice President, Sales Planning And Analysis

  • Mat Piscatella

Trade Marketing And Sales Admin

  • Bernadette Nimsoun
  • Gail Arceneaux
  • Dana Larivee

Director, Trade Marketing

  • Blake Hennon

Vice President, Trade Marketing And Sales Admin

  • Anne Marko

Vice President, Business Development And Licencing

  • Scott Johnson

Manager, Rights And Clearances

  • Jane Elms

Deputy General Counsel

  • Jennifer Stump

Vice President, Finance And Administration

  • Steve Chalk

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing

  • Russell Arons

Senior Vice President, Production & Development

  • Samantha Ryan

Senior Vice President, Business Development, Wbheg

  • Debra Baker

Senior Vice President, Sales, Americas

  • Kevin Kebodeaux

Senior Vice President, Games, Eu

  • Olivier Wolff


  • Martin Tremblay

Emea Regional Office

Marketing & PR Directory, Emea

  • Hester Woodliffe

Pa To Hester Woodliffe

  • Amy French

Marketing Manager, Emea

  • Jo Featherstone

Product Manager, Emea

  • Rob Lightbody

PR Manager, Emea

  • Julie Skinner

PR Executive, Emea

  • George Kelion

Junior Manager Creative Services & Localisation, Emea

  • Zoe Taylor

Creative Services Intern

  • Harry Corr

Marketing & PR Intern

  • Rebecca Jenkins

Director Supply Chain, Emea

  • Annette Fleming

International Supply Chain Manager

  • Jon Broadbridge

Director, International Finance

  • Matthew Marshall

Sales Intern

  • Ashley Metcalfe

Group Marketing Director, Anz

  • Mark Aubrey

Brand Marketing Director, Anz

  • Caroline Skillen

Senior Marketing Manager, Anz

  • Nick Wong

PR Manager, Anz

  • Jemesie Christo

Product Manager, Anz

  • Kate Sutton


  • Abu Dhabi
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