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What is Scribblenauts?

Scribblenauts is a series of games based around the idea of the player wielding a magical notebook with the ability to summon any object. Over the years, sequels have added many new features, such as adjectives, and even more objects. Scribblenauts originally began as a Nintendo DS title, and eventually saw releases of newer games on consoles such as the Wii U and Apple-iOS for mobile devices! As the game frequently suggests; "Create anything, solve everything!"

Where can I buy a Scribblenauts game?

Scribblenauts games can typically be found in any local GameStop or game store. The newer titles, such as Scribblenauts Unlimited, can be found available on a console and in the Steam market. Scribblenauts is available on the following platforms: Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS/2DS, iOS, and Android operating systems. The older titles (for the Nintendo DS) generally cost around $15 to $20 (USD), depending on whether or not it has been previously owned, its condition, availability, etc. On newer platforms, games can cost roughly around $40 to $60 (USD), and are generally more available. Scribblenauts games on mobile phones and tablets are typically only $5 or less.

Note: The Scribblenauts Wiki does not condone the use of emulators, hacked titles, fan-made games, etc.

How can I effectively use the Scribblenauts Wiki?

The Scribblenauts Wiki is a wikia based on the titular Scribblenauts series. Here, we have information about all the titles, the developer(s), items, adjectives, characters, levels, and more! All the pages are organized into categories, so looking for similar pages and topics is a breeze! Level tutorials are always being updated with new findings, as well as our item and adjectives pages, so content and information is fresh (but sometimes different depending on the version)! If you have a question, you can leave one in the talk page, or leave a message to any one of our admins or users! The wiki is free-to-edit, but don't violate any of the communities set-in-stone rules! Remember to be polite, respectful, and more importantly- appropriate!