St. Asterisk
St. Asterisk


After collecting 1 Starites

Doors to

Capital City


Starite Template x 1


Stariteshard Template x 7

St. Asterisk is a hospital. It receives unusual patients. This is where Maxwell's brother Kenpo is encountered. There is 1 full Starite Mission and 7 Starite Shards to be collected.

NPCs and objects present:

Starite Shards

Procedural Content!

This Starite Shard unlocks Kenpo

Problem: Give me something that I can use to preform surgery!

Solution: Give the surgeon an X-ray machine or scalpel,but if instead of any surgery or medical purpose items you give the surgeon a weapon,you'll earn the shard and see Kempo running away with the surgeon after him.

The Best Medicine!

Problem: Help me laugh again!

Solution: Add the adjective 'laughing', 'funny on the clown or make a comedian

Heart Attack!

Problem: Stop the attacking heart!

Solution: Kill the heart for the nurse or add the adjective 'idle', 'frozen or 'fake' on the heart

Outdated Equipment!

Problem: I need new equipment for the hospital!

Solution: Give the orthopaedist a First Aid Kit or a Needle

A Day at the Races!

Problem: Seeing something painted with my team colors would really motivate me to win the race!

Solution: Paint any object red or blue

What's in the Box?

Problem: I left what I was delivering to the transplant patient behind!

Solution: Place a heart or liver for the paramedic

Special Delivery!

Problem: I forgot what I'm supposed to be delivering! Can you help me?

Solution: Give the stork a baby.

Starite: Doctors on Call!

Goal: Help the patients that are being delivered to St. Asterisk Hospital!

Problem 1: This kitten is sick as a dog! Write something to cure it!


  • I'm sick as a dog. Help cure me.
  • I need an animal doctor.
  • I need a veterinarian.

Solution: Give the kitten some medicine or use the third hint

Problem 2: Ouch! It must be a tooth ache!


  • Ouch! I have a tooth ache.
  • Who can check the health of teeth?
  • I need a dentist.

Solution: Give the teeth braces or use the third hint

Problem 3: The robot is broken! Help it function again!


  • Help me function again.
  • Who makes robots?
  • I need a roboticist.

Solution: Give the robot a battery or use the third hint

Problem 4: The book's story isn't complete! Where is the last chapter?


  • My story isn't complete! Where is the last chapter?
  • Who is an expert on writing?
  • I need a writer.

Solution: Use a pen or page on the book or use the third hint

Final Problem: It looks like something is broken under the hood!


  • It looks like something is broken under my hood.
  • Who would you take a broken car to?
  • I need a mechanic.

Solution: Give the jalopy a new engine or use the third hint


  • An asterisk is what looks like a tiny star (*) which is used to censor swears words and vulgarity.
  • In the second floor of St. Asterisk, there is a poster of a human body. The player can interact with the body parts and random things will come out. This is likely a reference to the game Operation.
  • The shard task with a stork is somewhat of a reference to Dumbo, but the answer is a baby, not a baby elephant.
  • The Starite Shard A Day at the Races may be a reference to the Queen album and the film of the same name.
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