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The unused Stadium level.


How to find the secret "stadium" test level in Scribblenauts Unlimited

How to access the Stadium using Cheat Engine.

Stadium is an unused level in Scribblenauts Unlimited which exists in an unfinished state. It was used as a test level by the developers. This level can only be seen without hacking by using the "--autoloader" command line parameter in the PC version, and even then it only appears for a brief period of time and cannot be interacted with in any way. It is, however, possible to access this level through memory hacking.

The level is populated by several NPCs, many of which have simple shard missions to complete. There is a single Starite mission, "Yo! Two Hot Dogs!", which involves creating specific categories of food requested by fans. Said fans, however, are glitched; they are in mid-air toward the top of the screen, and cannot be seen except for their emotion bubbles. Upon completing this mission, or any of the shard missions in this level, a "Level Complete" screen will appear, even if more missions remain in the level.

The stadium's layout is very simple, consisting mainly of a long, white platform that spans the entire horizontal length of the map. This platform, however, has the strange property of changing its appearance depending on your horizontal position. Toward the left of the screen, it appears as a thick white line, toward the right it looks like a thin white line, and in between it has a "zigzag"-like pattern, as can be seen in the screenshot to the right. Despite being a stadium, the level uses the background of Payper N. Penitentiary. The music from Virgule Gallery plays in the background.

"Stadium" would likely not have been the final name for the level, as it is too simple and doesn't fit with the theme of the other level names. The level doesn't have a final name that shows up in the game (it crashes when it attempts to display the name, so the current level must be changed in memory before this happens) but it is referred to as "S_STADIUM" internally.


The stadium level has merits that can be unlocked, and can be found in the game.

  • Team Colors! - Color us our team's colors!
  • Team Spirit! - Give me a costume to join the mascots!
  • Play Ball! - Create someone to preform the anthem!
  • Put Me In Coach! - Give my lead-off hitter a bat!
  • You're My Favorite Player! - Give me something for my favorite player to sign!
  • Sports Stuff! - Give me sports equipment!
  • GOOOOAAALLLL! - Create a goal I can score in!
  • Who Is Flying This Thing? - Create someone to fly me!
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