Starites are small, star-like objects with 5 points. It is the dream of main character, Maxwell to collect these rare objects.

In order to complete a stage, you must collect that stage's Starite. The faster you reach the Starite, the more Ollars you earn. There are two categories of stages in the game; "Action" and "Puzzle", and the method of obtaining the Starite differs between the two. In "action", the Starite is placed somewhere on the map, and Maxwell has to work out how to reach it. In "puzzle", the Starite is hidden and will only appear once a certain task or situation has been solved.

The Starite can be manipulated, either to make obtaining it easier or harder. For example, the Starite will roll if pushed and can be attatched to things using rope-like objects. However, the Starite can also be blown up, burnt or lost down a hole; many "action" stages see Maxwell trying to avoid breaking or dropping the Starite in some way. It is mainly threatened by Steel Balls and Spikes that instantly break it.

Typing "Starite" will give you a plastic "dud" one, that wont sparkle and can just be thrown about like a Ball. However, in the Level Editor, you get a choice to spawn a real one as the goal.

synonyms for fake starite


FTW ( meaning "for the win" )

the answer


i win


instant win


what is the question

epic win

many people say epic win makes a starite. thats not true. the parser takes away the word "epic" so it turns into win. and win is a synonym of starite

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