Stunt in Scribblenauts Unlimited


Person, Brother


Follows family



Available in

Scribblenauts Unlimited, Scribblenauts Unmasked

Stunt is one of Maxwell's brothers. As his name implies, he is a thrill-seeker and does stunts for a living. He can be found in Payper Plains. Also he is a Pilot


Stunt has a red and white helmet on with a golden star on it. This seems to be some kind of rooster helmet. He also wears a brown leather-jacket, blue jeans, brown shoes, a green bag possibly containing a parachute, white gloves, and sunglasses.

How to unlock

You can get the 'Danger Zone!' shard on Payper Plains.

Stunt needs help getting into the air. An easy solution is to spawn a flying vehicle, such as a plane or flying car More creative answers includes winged or flying, automotive objects, and flying people if the player wants to. When given the solution to his problem, he will fly horizontally from left to right unless his vehicle is vandalized or destroyed. (unless you add adjective about Metal (e.g. Adamantium) to his vehicle)


  • His head bears a resemblance to Captain Falcon from the F-Zero video game series.

Stunt in-game

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