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the game cover

Super Scribblenauts
is an upcoming sequel to Scribblenauts

Its current release date in North America is October 26th, 2010.


The development for Scribblenauts 2 was confirmed during the month of March 2010. A cover story for Scribblenauts 2 was released in the April edition of Nintendo Power.

The development team also worked on the gameplay some more: Now Maxwell can be moved by the D-Pad, and adjectives become important. Also, there will no longer be seperate action and puzzle stages, but rather they'll be combined.

The level editor is now improved, you can now create a level from scratch rather than choosing a template to work on.


Gameplay is relatively the same as the first Scribblenauts, but the controls for Maxwell has been improved. Also, adjectives have been added. For example, you can set stuff on fire by putting the "Burning" adjective in front of the word. Also, many mechanics were added in. Water objects could now take out fire objects for example.

You can add multiple adjectives in front of a noun to create really bizarre objects.


Not many levels are known so far, but there are some confirmed levels:

  • A man and a woman are getting married, but the brides ex-boyfriend wants you to crash the party by stealing the groom's gift. There is a security guard in front of the building, and he throws you out every time you go in. You could disguise yourself with a suit and tie to enter the wedding incognito. Then, you could steal the gift, but you can't be seen leaving with it. You have to put it in something like a bag to escape.
  • You have to enter three people that matches in three different professions. One combination includes police, doctor, and pilot.
  • You have to enter three out of twelve words that correspond to the twelve constellations. Crab (Cancer) and Twins (Gemini) could be put in.
  • A girl is infected with a plague, you have to find the diseased animal, take it to the doctor, and help the doctor make a cure.
  • You have to sneak into a formal dance, meet your contact and get a key card from him, destroy the security camera, take out the guards, get the money, and leave.
  • You have to help a witch make a love potion so a monster can fall in love with the witch.
  • You have to get to the front of a line for a game (Scribblenauts) by bribing the other people in the line.
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