This page is about the reviews for the game Super Scribblenauts!

Game Informer:

When Super Scribblenauts released, it was reviewed and rated by Game Informer. Game Informer is a magazine that is sent out each month, it's topic (as the name suggest) is solely on video games and things relating to them. It was reviewed in issue 211, on page 106.

When it was reviewed Super Scribblenauts scored a whopping 8.75!!!! But it didn't get, however, score silver. Super Scribblenauts was rated by Game Informer staff, Meagan VanBurkleo. It was given an overall positive review.

Note that everything listed below is quoted, meaning that it was said and published by this magazine. Scribblenauts Wiki is , in no way, affiliated with the Game Informer Magazine or company!

>>Concept<< : Expanding MaxwellMaxwell 's already impressive vocabulary with the addition of adjectives.

>>Graphics<< : The simple, endearing graphics and animations haven't evolved musch frome the predecessor.

>>Sound<< : The upbeat music suits the tone of the game perfectly.

>>Playability<<: The inclusion of D-pad controls helps eliminate some of the frustration from the first title.

>>Entertainment<<: Vague goals can get in the way of pure puzzle bliss, but the euphoria from solving riddles keeps the enjoyment high.

>>Replay Value<<: Moderately High.


  • The game informer Magazine
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