Superman in Scribblenauts Unmasked.


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Superman, New 52 Superman, First Appearance Superman, Kal-El Superman, Kingdom Come Superman, Man of Steel, Man of Tomorrow Superman, Superman Blue, Superman Red, Red Son Superman, Speeding Bullets Superman, The Dark Side Superman (Good), The Dark Side Superman (Bad), Clark Kent (Superman)

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Scribblenauts Unmasked

Superman is a superhero and a member of the Justice League. He is a spawn-able NPC in Scribblenauts Unmasked. In the game, he can Fly, Shoot Laser Vision, Shoot Frost Breath and is super strong, he will also fight Villains or any other type of bad guy. He can only be harmed when near Kryptonite, at which point he will become Glowing and take damage like other NPCs.


Here is a list of known variants (Please note that all variants ARE NOT added):

  • Superman (Can be seen below): New 52 version
  • First Appearance Superman: As he appeared in Action Comics #1 (1938)
  • Kal-L Superman: The old Superman from Earth-2
  • Kingdom Come Superman: The aged Superman, returned from his self-imposed exile to command the Justice League
  • Man of Steel (Can be seen below): The classic Superman
  • Man of Tomorrow Superman: Superman in the mid-90s, with long hair
  • Superman Beyond: As he appeared in the Batman Beyond two-part episode "The Call"
  • New Frontier Superman: Superman in the 1950s, as he steps up to fight off an impending invasion
  • Superman Blue (Can be seen below): An energy containment suit Superman wore when his powers went temporarily out of control and became electricity-based.
  • Superman Red: A different side of Superman come to life.
  • Red Son Superman: Superman if he were raised in the Soviet Union, rather than the United States
  • Speeding Bullets Superman (Can be seen below): Kal-El as Batman. "Speeding Bullets Batman" spawns the same character.
  • The Dark Side Superman (Good): A version of Superman if Kal-El's rocket had crash-landed on Darkseid's world, Apokolips.
  • The Dark Side Superman (Bad): Same as above, except wearing the helm of his armor.
  • Cyborg Superman: Hank Henshaw, a disfigured astronaut who sought to replace Superman in the wake of his death
  • All-Star Superman Superman: Superman in his solar suit
  • Composite Superman: A villain who is literally half-Superman, half-Batman
  • Cosmic Armor Superman
  • Flashpoint Superman: A version of Superman who has been kept in a military facility for years and, being deprived from sunlight, is thin and weak
  • The Superman: Superman's Tangent Comics version, an African-American telepath bent on conquering the world


Kal-El was just a baby when the planet he lived on, Krypton, was dying. His parents Jor-El and Lara sent him to Earth in a rocket. He landed on Earth and his rocket was discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent. Jonathan and Martha took him in and raised him as one of there own, giving him the name Clark Kent. As he grew up in Smallville, he discovered new powers. When he was a grown man, he decided to use his powers for good, and became Superman, the one of the worlds' greatest heroes! But his true identity, Clark Kent is kept a secret. He also works at the Daily Planet as Clark.


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