While it is unknown what survival is and what it was used for, there are some leftover files that reference survival, all of which can be found in the "pmindex_for_code" xml file.

Filters and Colors

  • survival_colors.exf
  • survival_materials.exf
  • survival_silly.exf
  • survival_sizes.exf

Events and Merits

  • static_survival
  • survival_test_$merits
  • survival_test_waves

Survival Maps

(All function the same as the normal maps.)

  • c_woods_survival (Unique metaforest map?)
  • su_hauntedhouse (Grave Manor)
  • su_woods (Metaforest)


  • survival_starite

Other Scripts

  • multiplayer_survival_adjlist
  • multiplayer_survival_drc
  • multiplayer_survival_objectcreation
  • multiplayer_survival_tv
  • multiplayer_survival_weapondefenders

Along with that there are some adjectives that can be applied through the @ method glitch or memory editing.

  • @survivalweapon
  • @survivalmodeattack
  • @survivalmodedefend
  • @survivalmodetarget
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