Syntax Station
Syntax Station


After collecting 50 Starites

Doors to

Kana Craters, Palindromeda, Capital City


Starite Template x 1


Stariteshard Template x 8

Syntax Station is a level that takes place in a space station. It has 1 Starite and 8 Starite Shards. It is an anti-gravity level.

NPCs and objects present: Cow, Cowboy, Horse, Lasso, Chimpanzee, Glasses, Steel Cage, Neuroscientist, Bodybuilder, Martian, Tourist (2x), Pilot, Firefly, Flight Attendant, Corgi, Girl, Mad Scientist, Teleporter (2x), Spy, Satellite.

Starite Shards

Space Cowboy!

Problem: My cow tried to jump over the moon and now she is stuck out there! Bring her back inside!

Solution: Go to your right and you will find a flying cow. Ride it to the cowboy.

Super Intelligent Simian!

Problem: The student has captured the master! I'm willing to trade for his freedom!

Solution: Give the chimpanzee a banana or just wear a banana suit.

Say Cheese!

Problem: Real Humans! Give them an environment to pose in!

Solution: Place a park near the humans.

Never Saw it Coming!

Problem: We hit a firefly during flight! I can't leave the ship to clean it off, will you help?

Solution: Dispose the firefly for the pilot by burning it or pick it up.

Interstellar Stowaways!

Problem: We couldn't afford tickets so she is threatening to send us out through the air lock!

Solution: Give the girl money or a ticket.

Thinking with Teleporters!

Problem: Help test the blue teleporter by placing something on it!

Solution: This problem has many solutions. You can use a man.

Zero-G Work Out!

Problem: Help me work out while I'm away from earth!

Solution: Give the bodybuilder a dumbbell or any other work out equipment!

Sky Spy!

Problem: I remembered the satellite but forgot the spy gear! Will you help me!

Solution: Give the spy binoculars.

Starite: Space Station Infiltration

Description: Inflitrate the space station to shut down the super computer!

Problem 1: The League of Evil Scientists are back! Gain their trust to sneak into the compound! The first scientist's jetpack doesn't work!


  • Why doesn't my jetpack work?
  • Did I fill it with fuel?
  • Maybe it needs some gas.

Solution: You can also put the adjective 'working' on the jet pack.

Problem 2: The evil veterinarian has a hard time finding animals in space! Show him an animal that can live without gravity!


  • What animal could live in a space station?
  • I need an animal that is used to swimming.
  • Aquatic animals might do well in space.

Solution: A bird is also a valid answer.

Problem 3: The neuroscientist has had a hard time teaching this brain! Help fill it with knowledge!


  • Help me fill the brain with knowledge.
  • I need to fill this brain with school subjects.
  • Books might put this brain on the right track.

Solution: You can spawn a teacher.

Problem 4: The robo hamster has grown so much! Help the roboticist ride the robo hamster!


  • Help me ride this hamster.
  • The hamster is too rambunctious.
  • A saddle could help settle down the hamster.

Solution: Give the robo hamster a saddle or make it 'tame'.

Problem 5: The barber has a fiendish haircut planned, but lacks the tools! Give him something to cut the emo boy's hair!


  • I need a tool to cut his hair.
  • I need something sharp enough to cut hair.
  • Something like scissors would work fine.

Solution: You are not limited by using scissors. You can use any object that cuts, (e.g. katana)

Problem 6: The final room seems empty! Find a way to shut down the space station!


  • A switch could help shut this place down.
  • This switch looks pretty ominous.
  • Trust the switch.

Solution: Just interact with the switch.

Final Problem: Captured! If the super computer gets disabled, the space station should lose power and the cage will unlock!


  • Disable the super computer.
  • Find a way to short circuit the super computer.
  • The whole system could be destroyed be a single bug.

Solution: Put the adjective 'disabled' in the supercomputer.


  • A syntax is the organization of words in sentences.
  • The name of the starite shard Thinking with Transporters is a reference to the video game Portal.
  • It's possible that the firefly in the challenge Never Saw It Coming is a reference to the short-lived TV show Firefly.
  • The young girl and corgi in the Interstellar Stowaways! shard may be a reference to the anime Cowboy Bebop.
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